Bouncy business for kids gets OK to sell beer at after-hours parties


WALLA WALLA — Beer at Jumpin’ Jellybeanz?

OK, says the City Council. Just not when the kids are around, please.

Four weeks after unanimously voting against allowing alcohol to a business designed for children, the Council unanimously approved allowing beer and wine at Jumpin’ Jellybeanz.

At their May 28 meeting, the Council was vehemently against mixing the two.

At a request to reconsider hearing Wednesday, co-owner Alisha Cunha told the Council she and her husband have no intention of selling alcohol during normal operating hours.

Beer in can or bottles will only be offered to adults who rent the bouncy-castle facility for private functions, Cunha said.

“We get passed up a lot because we don’t have beer as an option at after-hour events, and it is an income that we honestly need at this point to be able to stay open,” she added.

The permit will now go to the State Liquor Control Board. If approved, it will allow sales both after and during normal operating hours.

Alfred Diaz can be reached at or 526-8325.


jace12 1 year, 2 months ago

I dont agree with this at all, Private event or not. Why does alchol have to be at a social event at all to have fun. Think about it, your children are being taken home by a parent that has been drinking at a childs birthday party. I dont like this at all,....


jkruchert 1 year, 2 months ago

It doesn't matter where they are. Any parent with common sense will NOT drink while driving their children around...or themselves for that matter. Whether it is served in a business or at someone's BBQ......what is the difference? They could walk up the street two blocks and have a couple of glasses of wine also while waiting...I don't think JJ getting permission to serve alcohol after hours has anything to do with parents being stupid.


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