Trip to New York shapes plans for future


This year during spring break, I took a seven-day trip to New York City to explore the city and the arts. It was an awesome experience because I got to travel across the country and visit one of the most famous cities in the world.

One of the main things I wanted to do while in New York was visit the observatory deck on The Empire State Building. The view was amazing. We could see all of New York City from up there.

Next, I wanted to visit Times Square, which I ended up doing twice during the day and in the pouring rain at night.

Times Square was very bright and filled with fun stuff to do — so much so, it was overwhelming at times.

Another thing I really wanted to do in New York was go to the Sept. 11 memorial. It was cool that we got to visit it because it’s a huge historical landmark now.

I got to see the Freedom Tower (new World Trade Center), which is the second-tallest building in the world and the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

The food in New York in my opinion is awesome. The variety is huge!

I ate foods from Italian to Thai from food carts on the streets, but overall the best food was at a diner we went to in Queens.

Even though a big part of the trip was the arts of New York that wasn’t really the highlight for me. For some people, a Broadway show and touring places like Lincoln Center was a huge deal, but those weren’t all that fascinating to me.

Personally, I was more interested with the city itself. I really enjoy the abundance of architecture.

I feel like the people of New York have a death wish. They love to jaywalk the streets, which are filled with taxis racing up and down the avenues. It seems it’s OK as a New Yorker to have a honking taxi almost kill you by a couple of inches.

This trip really motivated me to live in New York at some point in my life and work as an architect, that way I’ll be able to classify myself as a “New Yorker.”

Adrian Miranda is a member of the Walla Walla High School Latino Club and will be a junior at Walla Walla High School this fall. Adrian is a participant in the AVID program and a two-year participant in the SOS Outreach — Ski Bluewood program.


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