Letter - Where wolves live, tourism flourishes


I’m responding Don Jackson’s letter, “Reintroducing wolves ...,” that replies to my letter applauding the Oregon wolf plan.

Mr. Jackson’s statement, ”I have to assume these special-interest groups she refers to are sportsmen who provide most of the funding for all wildlife or ranchers and farmers who provide most of the habitat and food for our wildlife, including wolves”.

Mr. Jackson must not know that tourist spend millions of dollars to see, and photograph live wolves. Tourism has a major economic impact on local and state business. Where wolves live, tourism flourishes.

Scientists have examined remains from wolf prey, what appeared as healthy was in fact sick or elderly, proving wolves take the sick or weak, so herds are stronger.

Wolves kill only to survive, unlike man who kills for pleasure. If elk and deer populations are declining, look at those killers who murder the 18-point buck so they can brag and hang the head on a wall!

Yes, I’ve seen wolves kill an elk, and yes they spill blood, but it’s for survival — they use their teeth. The prey has a chance, what chance does any creature have at hundreds of yards away from a gun?

Unlike man who inflicts pain and suffering with traps, snares, bait with hooks or poison. Wolves don’t commit gut and spine shooting, then boast about days the creature suffered before it died. The web is full of forums bragging about wolf torturing. Wolves cower when trapped, knowing man enjoys the infliction of suffering to boost self-esteem.

Therefore, in reply to Mr. Jackson’s statement, “I believe anyone who thinks this is a good way for an animal to die has the porch light on but there’s nobody home,” perhaps he needs to turn on the lights and see reality.

Wolves don’t commit hounding and denning, where babies are suffocated, appeasing ranchers who lack the intelligence to use deterrents or not graze livestock in known wolf territory!

Ranchers are supposed to protect livestock, not entice wolves with carcasses in fields drawing wolves toward livestock.

Wolves are essential in the wild maintaining equilibrium. Yellowstone National Park is a prime example.

Man doesn’t provide wolves with their habit, man took it from them! Man relocates into the wilderness, than complains about the habitants, and slaughters them.

It’s man’s responsibility to adjust to wildlife, using his “superior” intelligence, slaughtering is not expectable!

Irene Setter

New Milford, N.J.


GeneandCassie 1 year, 7 months ago

Perhaps the State of Idaho should be contacted, they just invested about $30,000 related to wolves:


My Fortune Cookie still says 'May You Live In Interesting Times' and it appears to be right on.....


namvet60 1 year, 7 months ago

I really challenge you - Ms Setter - to produce some stats in areas where wolves prevail that the tourist dollars are rolling in? Are you saying some areas such as the Grand Canyon, the Redwood forests in California, etc. . . . . . . . . . are falling behind due to the lack of wolves being in those areas? Really?


namvet60 1 year, 7 months ago

Great link! It just goes to show that if the wolves don't get you the radical wolf lovers will.


stvsngltn 1 year, 7 months ago

I suppose we should just be thankful the predator-huggers can't bring back saber-tooth tigers and T-Rex .... yet.


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