Letter - Wa-Hi band instructor loves what he does


After our grandson played in Walla Walla High School jazz band, and other band activities for four years, we attended what could be his last concert on March 4.

Those of you who have attended concerts in past years, and in recent years, know what an outstanding program it has, led by music instructor and band director, Andrew Ueckert.

You can see the joy, the fun, the respect, and the great relationship the students have for Mr. Ueckert.

f your children, grandchildren, friends and relatives are going to be in band at Wa-Hi, be assured they will have a great time learning from someone who so obviously loves what he does. We have really enjoyed these past four years, and hope to attend other concerts in the future, just to watch the fun. A job well done Mr. Ueckert!

Dan R. Clark

Walla Walla


fatherof5 1 year, 7 months ago

Both of my Wa-Hi-aged children have participated extensively in the performing arts programs at Wa-Hi. As their parents, my wife and I are thrilled with the level of teaching that goes on in music and drama. It is top notch.


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