Minutes - Port of Walla Walla - 3/13/14



Port of Walla Walla commissioners are Mike Fredrickson, Ron Dunning and Peter Swant. Dunning was absent from the meeting while representing the Port a Pacific Northwest Waterways meeting in Washington, D.C. The commission:

RENT RELIEF REQUEST: Considered a request from Precision Beam and Timber, which shuttered in 2013, for a discounted rate on back rent owed to the Port of Walla Walla. Commissioners postponed a decision until the next meeting but also moved to suspend finance charges from accruing in the meantime. Unanimous.

REAL ESTATE COMMISSION POLICY: Adopted new guidelines in working with real estate brokers to find tenants for Port properties or to facilitate land purchases. The new guidelines replace the original Real Estate Broker Compensation Policy adopted in 1991. Unanimous.

MIDLANDS CARRIER PROJECT: Reviewed plans for siting and building a 3,200-square-foot building at the Dodd Road Business Park that would house Midlands Carrier Project. The company services and maintains the refrigerated Railex train cars that transport goods and produce from Wallula to the East Coast each week. Midlands is in the process of reviewing the construction agreement. If approved by both sides, the Port would proceed with engineering and design work.

THE SCOULAR COMPANY LEASE: Approved a final draft agreement with Omaha agriculture company The Scoular Company for a 25-year lease. The agreement is tentatively set to begin April 1, if approved by Scoular. The company would bring Southern Idaho grain for shipping through the Walla Walla Valley. Unanimous.

WHEAT MARKETING POLICY: Approved a standardized wheat marketing policy to fund the yearly operational costs of the Walla Walla Regional Airport. Unanimous.

CAVU INSURANCE CLAIM: Authorized Port staff to continue with a request to Paragon Claims Inc., which represents Cascade Fire Protection, for a breakdown of its cost estimate related to a flood at CAVU Cellars. The Port has paid $237,377.63 to pay for repairs at the airport industrial park tasting room after a flood caused by a malfunctioning fire suppression system damaged the building. Paragon has countered with $153,515.93. Port commissioners previously authorized legal action, but officials hope to settle the claim outside of court.

TOURISM REQUEST: Approved a contribution of $1,100 to assist with the upcoming Walla Walla Balloon Stampede. Unanimous.


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