There's no solid research that pineapple can benefit Alzheimer's disease


I was recently asked to comment about the benefits of pineapple in Alzheimer’s disease. I checked peer-reviewed literature and found nothing to directly support the idea.

Google, however, led me to Doctor Oz. He recommends a variety of commercial products and brings authors to his TV program. He put Haylie Pomroy’s “Fast Metabolism Diet”on his show’s website. She promotes pineapple as a source of “natural” sugar and suggests that it’s good for the adrenals.

Oz has also promoted the claims of Dr. Perlmutter who claims that all carbs are bad for you. That is closer to correct, if we try to tie the features of the metabolic syndrome together. Oz has his own diet, which begins by eliminating wheat.

In short, the claims for foods that prevent Alzheimer’s are all over the place.

The role of inflammation in Alzheimer’s is unclear. Anti-inflammatory drugs have a protective effect in rats, but some of those drugs have adverse cardiovascular effects. Pineapple may be a possible player in dealing with the inflammatory component of neurodegenerative disease, but there is always the risk that there are unrecognized adverse effects.

Look for science online at Entrez Pub Med. You’ll find skepticism at Quackwatch.

— Dr. Larry Mulkerin


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