Wa-Hi track team opens season with Blue Devil Invite

Wa-Hi's Maddy Sirmon makes her last javelin throw during Saturday's Blue Devil Invite track meet at Martin Field.

Wa-Hi's Maddy Sirmon makes her last javelin throw during Saturday's Blue Devil Invite track meet at Martin Field. Photo by Greg Lehman.


WALLA WALLA — The Walla Walla High School track team opened its season with the Blue Devil Invitational at Martin Field on Saturday.

Saturday’s invitational, one of 10 meets during the regular season, featured 26 events split evenly between boys and girls.

“The thing I liked seeing on the track today was pieces of the puzzle coming together,” Wa-Hi coach Eric Hisaw said. “Our big kids performed really well and did like they were advertised.

“But I was really happy to see some of the younger kids, that we didn’t know much about — first-year kids that come in their first track meet and do really well.”

In the 100-meter dash, sophomore Tyler Kinney finished in seventh place to lead the Blue Devil sprinters.

Junior Ethan Gardner of Wa-Hi won the 200-meter race with a time of 22.79 seconds. Seniors Stuart Gillian and Darnell Handcox placed fourth and fifth in the event, respectively.

Two Wa-Hi seniors, Jacob Leinweber and Michael Anderson, finished second and third in the 1600-meter, respectively. They were separated by less than a second and Leinweber trailed first by three seconds.

Senior Rob Thonney captured second in the 110-meter hurdles with taking Colton Jordan third. The Blue Devil duo was separated by about a half of a second.

Wa-Hi’s Thomas Ashley placed third in the shot put with a 40 foot, 2 ½ inch throw. Junior Willie Hayes took fourth with a 40-foot throw.

Nathan Brewer took first in the discus with a throw of 124 feet, 3 inches. The Blue Devils also garnered a third-place finish by Jared Guttromson in the event.

Wa-Hi’s Donovan Romero, Lucas Rassback and Benjamin Thompson finished second, third and fourth in the javelin, respectively. In the high jump, Blue Devils Bracher Hodgen took second and Liam Johnston fourth.

Roark Nelson nabbed second in the pole vault with a 10-foot mark. Jose Mata, of Southridge, took first by clearing a 10-foot, six-inch vault.

Handcox also claimed first in the long jump with a mark of 21 feet, 8 inches. Michell Huffman and Colton Jordan finished third and fourth in the event.

The Wa-Hi girls’ team also had success at the invite.

Kendall Davis took fourth in the 100-meter dash, with a time of 13.94. Teammate Hannah Moeller took fourth in the 200-meter.

Courtney Cox finished first in the 1600-meter with a time of 5:32.44. Hannah Hampson finished in second place.

The Blue Devil trio of Colleen Gibbons, Hope Synder and Myriam Liebrand swept the top three spots in the 100 hurdles. Fellow Blue Devil Katarina Tonhdavong finished second in both the shot put and discus.

Tonhdavong, the top-rated shot put and discus thrower in the conference, is looking to improve on her second place finish at state last year.

“It wasn’t a very good first meet,” she said. “Got that bad throw out of there, I got the second in shot and discus.”

Madi Dopeker took third in shot put and Maddy Sirmon finished third in the discus. Sirmon, the defending state champion in javelin, also won that event with a toss of 130 feet, 2 inches.

The high jump was successful for Wa-Hi, with Kiana Newcomb and Kate Hogan tying for second with 4-feet, 10-inch jumps.

Liebrand took third in the pole vault, while Sirmon claimed second in the long jump and Hogan third in the triple jump (30-10.00).

“There are a lot of kids I could talk about,” Hisaw said. “It was nice to see a lot of new faces show up and be part of what could become a bigger picture in weeks and months from now.

“If these times do hold up, I hope they don’t, because that means they haven’t improved individually much on the season. But these times can qualify them for a district meet.”

Team scores weren’t kept in the opening meet for the teams here at the Blue Devil Invitational.

“I didn’t want to put any undue stress on the kids who haven’t done track before,” Hisaw said. “But if we had scored for teams, I think we would have done just fine.”

“I was pretty satisfied with today’s event,” Handcox said. “I can build on what I had today. I’m looking forward to next week and going to Lewiston to compete as a team, keeping those team scores. I’m excited to help contribute to my team.”

The Blue Devils travel to the Lewiston Invitational on Saturday.

Blue Devil Invitational


100 — 1. Christian Young, Pasco, 11.41. 2. Tanner Pope, Southridge, 11.50. 3. Masceo Ealy-Thomas, Southridge, 11.80. 200 — 1. Ethan Gardner, Walla Walla, 22.79. 2. Christian Young, Pasco, 23.16. 3. Clay Gonzales, Southridge, 23.44. 800 — 1. Andres Uribe, Pasco, 2:19.20. 2. Robert McLeod, Southridge, 1:25.38. 3. Antonio Rubalcava, Southridge, 2:35.69. 1600 — 1. Triston Drollinger, Southridge, 4:56.77. 2. Jacob Leinweber, Walla Walla, 4:59.59. 3. Michael Anderson, Walla Walla, 5:03.15. 110 HURDLES — 1. Brian Yale, Southridge, 15.88. 2. Rob Thonney, Walla Walla, 16.87. 3. Colton Jordan, Walla Walla, 17.40. 300 HURDLES — 1. Brian Yale, Southridge, 42.53. 2. Jake Covington, Pasco, 44.04. 4X100 — 1. Clay Gonzales, Tanner Pope, Brandon Zane, Masceo Ealy-Thomas, Southridge, 44.28. 2. Relay team, Walla Walla, 45.38. 3. Relay team, Southridge, 46.34. 4X200 — 1. Clay Gonzales, Tanner Pope, Brandon Zane, Masceo Ealy-Thomas, Pasco, 1:38.73. 2. Chris English, Christian Young, Spencer Calveard, Jake Covington, Pasco, 1:38.73. 3. Relay team, Walla Walla, 1:40.70. SHOT PUT — 1. Trey Tutt, Southridge, 41-07.50. 2. Jacob Meise, Kennewick, 40-07.00. 3. Thomas Ashley, Walla Walla, 40-02.50. DISCUS — 1. Nathan Brewer, Walla Walla, 124-03. 2. Ethan Raebel, Kennewick, 120-02. 3. Jared Guttromson, Walla Walla, 119-05. JAVELIN — 1. Dylan Tennancour, Kennewick, 161-05. 2. Donovan Romero, Walla Walla, 136-04. 3. Lucas Rassbach, Walla Walla, 130-09. HIGH JUMP — 1. Jacob Meise, Kennewick, 5-06.00. 2. Bracher Hodgen, Walla Walla, 5-04.00. 3. Russell Masterson, Southridge, 5-02.00. POLE VAULT — 1. Jose Mata, Southridge, 10-06.00. 2. Roark Nelson, Walla Walla, 10-00.00. 3. Mitchell Huffman, Walla Walla, 10-00.00. LONG JUMP — 1. Darnell Handcox, Walla Walla, 21-08.00. 2. Dylan Tennancour, Kennewick, 19-02.00. 3. Rob Thonney, Walla Walla, 19-02.00. TRIPLE JUMP — 1. Conner Grigg, Southridge, 39-09.50. 2. Brandon Zane, Walla Walla, 38.10.50. 3. Dylan Tennancour, Kennewick, 37-08.00.


100 — 1. Nicole Edwards, Southridge, 13.28. 2. Mertece Hatchet, Southridge, 13.49. 3. Marissa Berry, Southridge, 13.66. 200 — 1. Nicole Edwards, Southridge, 26.62. 2. Makenna Behrens, Southridge, 27.64. 3. Mertece Hatchet, Southridge, 28.04. 800 — 1. Brooke Hansen, Southridge, 2:47.22. 2. Alissa Huff, Southridge, 3:01.44. 1600 — 1. Courtney Cox, Walla Walla, 5:32.44. 2. Hannah Hampson, Walla Walla, 5:37.37. 3. Brooke Hansen, Southridge, 5:44.13. 100 HURDLES — 1. Colleen Gibbons, Walla Walla, 17.64. 2. Hope Synder, Walla Walla, 17.97. 3. Myriam Liebrand, Walla Walla, 18.09. 300 HURDLES — 1. Nyakier Deng, Kennewick, 50.95. 2. Bianca Chavez, Kennewick, 51.75. 3. Samantha Gifford, Southridge, 56.58. 4X100 — 1. Hannah Blank, Sherlyn Jimenez, Emily Silva, Emma Staley, Kennewick, 57.89. 2. Relay team, Walla Walla, 1:00.06. 4X200 — Diana Mata, Nyakier Deng, Bianca Chavez, Klarissa Barajas, Kennewick, 1:56.19. 2. Relay team, Walla Walla, 1:57.69. SHOT PUT — 1. Samantha Lester, Kennewick, 36-03.00. 2. Katarina Tonhdavong, Walla Walla, 35-03.50. 3. Madison Doepker, Walla Walla, 33-02.00. DISCUS — 1. Samantha Lester, Kennewick, 131-05. 2. Katarina Tonhdavong, Walla Walla 108-03. 3. Madelyn Sirmon, Walla Walla, 103-07. JAVELIN — 1. Madelyn Sirmon, Walla Walla, 130-02. 2. Paris Airoldi, Southridge, 111-06. 3. Madison Doepker, Walla Walla, 107-05. HIGH JUMP — 1. Paige Thompson, Southridge 5-00.00. 2. Kiana Newcomb, Walla Walla, 4-10.00. 3. Kate Hogan, Walla Walla, 4-10.00. POLE VAULT — 1. Marissa Berry, Southridge, 11-07.00. 2. Alexis Dawson, Southridge, 8-00.00. 3. Myriam Liebrand, Walla Walla, 7-06.00. LONG JUMP — 1. Makenna Behrens, Southridge, 16-09.00. 2. Madelyn Sirmon, Walla Walla, 14-10.00. 3. Alexandra Upton, Southridge, 14-08.50. TRIPLE JUMP — 1. Makenna Behrens, Southridge, 32-09.00. 2. Alexandra Upton, Southridge, 32-05.00. 3. Kate Hogan, Walla Walla, 30-10.00.


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