Letter - Idea of trading Putin for Obama isn’t funny


I would like to take a strong stance against Al Conetto’s letter to the editor March 2.

I tried to find satire in his almost salivating support for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Does he really think mocking and demeaning all the people he would theoretically trade to Russia for one Putin little more than a game?

This is not professional sports. This is real life! Trading any American citizen, let alone the one’s mentioned, foremost our president for Putin sickened me!

Have I agreed with Barack Obama on everything? Quite the contrary! Right now I know our president must be tactful and demonstrate tough actions — with absolutely no backing down.

I hope Obama tells Putin to get the hell out of independent Ukraine, now!

For Mr. Conetto to happily align himself with Putin saying, “we could come out ahead” is frightening and ignorantly absurd! Who among us readers can forget when Putin swept in and had his way against the small country of independent Georgia?

Hundreds of citizens were killed! Finally, in the years since Putin began climbing the ladder of the post Soviet Union politics, Russia has fallen from a very fragile democracy into a heavy-handed free-for-all controlled by oligarchs and state-sanctioned suppression of freedom of expression and personal liberties.

Putin put his blessings on this. Claiming he was saving the Russian families from gays and forcefully reasserting historical influence to Russian-speaking and cultural areas — first in Georgia and now the Ukraine’s Crimea region.

On the verge of war, how’s this trade proposition look for Mr. Conetto working out for you?

Kevin Patterson

Walla Walla


chicoli 6 months, 1 week ago

Mr. Conetto has the right to free speech, therefore the right to say stupid, childish, silly things in a futile attempt to be funny. His letter does not contribute anything of value to our community, and one has to wonder who in the UB editorial team offered him our readers/ audience for him to spew such a mundane, idiotic rhetoric.

Mr. Conetto himself is doing a disservice to his own reputation as a serious poster in this media. After all he is a Conetto, and not a Cornetto!


namvet60 6 months, 1 week ago

The UB editorial editor offers the same space for everyone, even for you!


Kevconpat 6 months, 1 week ago

Yes. Namvet60 is correct on all accounts. I always enjoy Paco1234 opines as well. In a democracy we must allow everyone's opines. In the case of Mr. Conetto's, I wonder if he is just a bit embarrassed? He really should be!


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