Letter - No need for ‘rough road’ signs — almost all are


A few times over the last few weeks as I was driving around Walla Walla, I had to giggle at a couple of signs at the side of the streets. They claimed I was about to embark on a “rough road.”

But they weren’t any rougher (and sometimes less so) than streets I’ve driven on while delivering Meals on Wheels. The many patches the city has made to Frances Avenue, west of Roosevelt Street, has left it rougher than most (though part of Olive Street is a close second).

My runner and I agree the city probably left it that way to make sure we put our seat belts on. If I ever am tempted to go horseback riding, or play in bumper cars, all I need to do is drive down Frances and I get the same effect.

It might be easier just to make up a few signs declaring “smooth road.” It would be cheaper since there are so few. Usually just the newer roads.

Lynn Suckow

Walla Walla


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