Letter - U-B editorial makes reader see smoke


I was puzzled as to why smoke was emanating from the March 9 edition of the U-B. I finally traced it to the Viewpoints page, which contained a scathing editorial (Senate rejection of Obama nominee troubling, chilling.”)

It seems the U-B’s editors were aghast that the U.S. Senate had rejected President Obama’s nominee, Debo Adegbile, to be the assistant attorney general for civil rights.

The U-B claims Adegbile got a negative reception from the Senate solely because he once defended a cop-killer. Actually, there may be a little more to it than that.

National Review magazine said in a recent article that, “Adegbile is a leftist; a champion of racial quotas, a believer in ‘customary international law’ when American law proves inconvenient, etc.”

The Review goes on to say that Adegbile would probably be a good fit at Eric Holder’s “Justice Department,” a department that’s been plagued with scandal.

In conclusion, the National Review remarks that, “Republicans, who are tempted for good reason to campaign against Obamacare this fall, should not neglect to mention the president’s other offenses against sound and constitutional governance — and this nominee (Adegbile) is a fine example.”

What’s truly “chilling” and “troubling” is that the Obama administration, and the vile, corrupt and immoral Democratic Party, is rife with radicals, hard-core left-wing extremists, socialists, America-haters, Marxists and other dupes who are absolutely clueless about liberty.

Steven Enyart



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