Letter - Vote for those who love this country


If you are tired of what is happening in our country and if you are tired of the intrusion of our government into our private lives, then we need to take action.

If you have lost your health-care insurance policies, if you have lost the ability to see the doctor of your choice, and if you do not have enough money to pay for your health-care premiums, then we must take action.

We are the people of this United States of America. We still have a voice and power. We have the right still to mark our ballots and vote.

Our country is slowly diminishing. We are in debt. Our military will be cut severely.

We now have more intrusion by our government than ever before.

If you are tired of these types of actions by our government, then we need to consider something. If we want to end a strong message to Washington, D.C., and our representatives, then we need to consider not voting for a single Democrat who is up for re-election or will be up for re-election sometime in the near future.

If we as the people of this United States of America send a strong message to those who think they can do anything while they are in office despite the fact it is against the people of the United States of America, then they need to lose their seat in office. Please, yes indeed, vote; but please consider not voting for a single Democrat.

Please vote for people who love this country and who are considerate of the people of the United States of America.

Sharon Benzel

Walla Walla


tpeacock 1 year ago

So you're intimating that Democrats don't love this Country? Seems a might haughty of you to opine such a blanket theory. I suppose you believe this Country would do better with a Party that can't even control itself to run the Country? While I am of neither party persuasion, I can certainly see the fallacy behind a one party run Country, how could politics blind anyone into not understanding the dire problems a one party system would bring?


downhillracer 1 year ago

Flag-draped "patriots" such as this one are the most frightening of them all - and leaves no one wondering who their favorite wing-nut radio personality is. Talk about unfettered ignorance..


dogman12 1 year ago

The U.S.A. has a pretty good Constitution, and up until about 40 years ago did a good job of providing for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for most of it's people. That was not without costs, primarily to the beautiful and abundant natural world that was this continent in 1600.

I understand folks like Sharon who feel strongly that something has been lost, because it has. I believe that the country's elites have used the media to hoodwink regular folks into blaming liberals and democrats for their hard times, promoting candidates and policies that actually will only tighten the elites' grip on wealth and power. It is actually the elite's greed and desire for a cheap, compliant labor force that has caused hard times for regular folks. (Slavery Nostalgia?)

At the same time, all levels of government, managed by electeds from both parties, ARE intrusive and over-regulating. Regulation to the lowest common denominator is the norm, and people with common sense and responsibility are not allowed to manage their own affairs.

As a secessionist Jeffersonian Libertarian, I would support the creation of a country consisting primarily of what is now Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Start with a clean slate and give folks full access to higher education and the means of production with minimal regulation. Corporate oligarchs need not apply.


NewInWW 1 year ago

Taking your use of the ACA as an example of what you object to - how can providing health insurance and access to health care to more of our citizens be "against the people of the people of the United States of America"?

No, what I see from the author of this letter and others on this board is a total abandonment of any sense of shared sacrifice - a trait that used to make this country great. Now we seem to have a bunch of "me" generation folks who don't really give a whit about this country or the welfare of its citizens.

On another level, however, I can understand your position. I have concluded that I will not vote for any Republican for any office in any election unless and until they realize that women, minorities and the poor are also citizens of this nation who deserve respect and representation.


chicoli 1 year ago

Sharon, you ought to be figthing for equal pay for women, violence against women, gender discrimination, women's health issues, etc. All of these causes are indeed liberal causes, so please join us.

In this country we need 2 strong, honest political parties( maybe 3). But if one party jump on his high horse after hijacking the American flag, moral values, love for country, the second ammendment, racial superiority, baseball and apple pie such party represents nothing else but arrogance, condescension, bigotry , ignorance and pure rabid hatred.


wwguy7 1 year ago

You sir, are an idiot. Plain and simple.


chicoli 1 year ago

F--- off... as in fizz off! Plain and simple!


barracuda 1 year ago

You are very correct Paco..... A good example of the 1 party problem is that the 1 party in power can change the rules and make it to where a bill can pass with less yes votes.... Hmmm.... That is bad!


MyFamNews 1 year ago

barracuda, do you mean changing the rules that majority rules. Funny I thought that was the rule, until one party demanded that a majority constituted 51+9.


barracuda 1 year ago

We have to remember....

That vote could come back to haunt the Dems.


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