Letter - Wolves are here to stay


This letter is being written in response to Scott Landwehr’s letter regarding wolf tourism.

I know plenty of people from around here, not New Jersey, who have traveled many miles to Yellowstone Park in hopes of seeing wolves in their natural setting.

I have traveled to Alaska to hike and kayak in the pristine wilderness that included viewing wolves, brown bears, orcas and other wild inhabitants. There are many of us in the local area who understand that to have a healthy functioning natural environment it must include the top predators, other than man.

This includes wolves, among other species. The function of wolves in creating a well-balanced, healthy ecosystem has been clearly demonstrated with the introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone environment.

I hike and ski all over the local mountains and have been excited to find wolf tracks and scat. I am looking forward to hearing their howl on a full moon night.

It has been sad and disappointing to see the “shoot, shovel and shut up” signs that indicate unwillingness to find a way to live in harmony with nature rather than engaging in the genocide of another species.

As in the Yellowstone Valley, some ranchers in the Blue Mountains will eventually open up cabins on their land to invite those who are excited about presence of wolves and make some money at the same time.

I am in favor of compensation for ranchers who have done everything they can to protect their livestock. I would like to think it is possible for us all to live in harmony with nature and each other, but the bottom line is: Wolves are here to stay.

Chris Howard

Walla Walla


GeneandCassie 11 months, 1 week ago

Traveling just a few hours to the Wallowa area might yield viewing results also:


And keep the Tourist $$$ in the region..... plus less fossil fuel use.....


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