Letter - Where is artistic expression of evolution throughout history?


Scientists, both creationists and materialists, extrapolate from the same body of evidence. That evidence is filtered through a priori divergent world views after which conclusions are reached.

To eliminate bias, the investigation must be refocused from “cause and effect.” What “effect” should exist if evolution theory is correct?

A basic tenet of evolutionary theory is “uniformitarianism.” It posits that the past can be reconstructed by observing the present, which then serves as a preservative echo of the past. Does evolution meet this uniformitarian standard?

Historically, man has celebrated his origin and existence through art, music and literature. The motif of God and his extant agents (in whatever form) has tended to be the dominant expression of celebration throughout man’s existence.

If evolution is true, it is responsible for man’s compulsion to celebrate via art. Thus, there should have been an explosion of artistic expression manifested with regard to evolution during the past 150 years, right?

So, where are the masterful works of art celebrating evolution? Where are the magnificent musical compositions honoring this icon of existence? Where are the great works of literature inspired by this material deity? Whence the arias and sonnets and verse?

Why is there only the silence of one hand clapping to the inane boasts of this failed prophet’s deluded disciples?

Why is the “epic scientific tome” of this failed prophet not even required reading, today? Could it be due to its embarrassing ineptitude and subsequent falsification by modern science?

In over 35 years of intense scholarly research into the claims of evolution theory, only the artistic expressions I’ve seen or heard, were the tortured screams of Nietzsche as he descended into madness and his resultant suicide as he pondered the inherent nihilism of evolutionary theory. I think that says it all.

Guillermo F. Garcia

College Place


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