Trial set for man in escape from Walla Walla County courthouse


WALLA WALLA — A man with possible mental health issues pleaded innocent Monday afternoon to escaping from the County Courthouse following a court appearance earlier this month on a previous charge.

Coleman D. Cantrell, 19, is set for trial April 10 in Superior Court on the charge of second-degree escape, in addition to the previous charge of second-degree malicious mischief.

Officials allege that on March 10, Cantrell — who had just pleaded innocent to the malicious mischief charge — somehow managed to remove a leg restraint and bolted from officers as he was being led down the third-story hallway toward the jail.

In striped jail garb and handcuffs, he ran south on Fifth Avenue and ended up on Grape Street, where his mother lives.

Before officials could apprehend him, he reportedly was grabbed and detained by a female relative who works at the Washington State Penitentiary.

Cantrell had been arrested Feb. 24 when he went to the jail lobby saying to wanted to be turn himself in, however there were no warrants for his arrest.

“He began throwing the garbage can about the lobby, punching the metal lockers and putting a dent in the side of them,” according to a county Sheriff’s Office report filed in court.

“He also urinated on the floor, and then kicked the touch screen of the lobby ATM machine, causing the screen to shatter and rendering it out of service.”

At a court appearance after his escape, his attorney Julie Brown said she believes Cantrell has mental health issues that need to be address.


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