Letter - Wa-Hi has needed new science facilities for years


I am writing in support of the Walla Walla High School bond proposal. The current science facilities at Wa-Hi are inadequate.

For example, there are biology classes being taught in classrooms don’t even have water! This means that students need to haul water from the bathroom to do their laboratories. As a community we owe our children better than this.

As a physicist, I know science is a very different endeavor than it was 50 years ago, when the current science facilities were designed and built.

Furthermore, we have more students using the science laboratories now, putting more stress on outdated space. We need to create classrooms and labs that will allow our teachers to teach 21st-century science using modern teaching practices. We also need to give our teachers and students adequate space to safely perform their experiments.

There will be some who argue that the cost is too much, but I know otherwise. Science classrooms/laboratories are much more expensive than other classrooms. In addition to increased plumbing and ventilation requirements, science laboratories require equipment to perform experiments. It all adds up quickly.

Walla Walla High School has been in need of new science facilities for years. Now is your chance to help our children get the science education they deserve. Please vote yes on the Wa-Hi bond proposal.

Mark Beck

Walla Walla


ALWWWA 1 year, 8 months ago

Great letter, Professor Beck! The current facilities are inadequate for teaching and learning science. And the current building is not safe. Vote YES!


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