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Please vote “yes” for the Walla Walla High School bond this April. I am a 2012 graduate of Wa-Hi and a current college student.

While I look back fondly at the instruction and care I received from dedicated and creative teachers, sadly there were areas that could not be filled with engaging instruction. I am referring to the few and far between laboratories available in my science classes.

The lab classrooms were crowded, aging and lacked the potential to actually conduct any true scientific experimentation. As a visual learner, I vividly remember having to do additional work to find videos online showcasing the experiments discussed in my textbook because there is only so much a paragraph or a lecturer can explain.

In essence, studies upon studies have been done showing the power of hands-on learning. People discover more by getting their hands dirty and making mistakes.

High school is the time and place for students to learn what areas of study they truly enjoy. If students never have the opportunity to gain the complete experience of science research, we as a society lose potential neurosurgeons or cancer researchers: people who could one day save your life.

This bond will cost $30 for every $100,000 a home is worth. Yes, it is never easy to part with hard earned money, but this is essentially the equivalent of one $4 Starbucks coffee a week for two months.

Instead, this money will be going towards the opportunities of the future working members of society. For some, this may be the last science class they ever take.

Do students who will become contributing members of society not deserve a basic knowledge of biology and environmental science? Who knows, these 10 new classrooms could be the very place the next Albert Einstein takes basic physics.

We could then make back all of the money in tourism and say it was our community that helped this bright young student reach his or her potential. That’s worth eight cups of coffee, right?

Michellie Hess

Walla Walla


ALWWWA 1 year, 6 months ago

Amen! Thanks for writing this excellent letter, Ms Hess. You are right: Hands on science learning does for student learning what no text book or lecture can do! Let's make that happen by supporting this bond.


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