High school senior project: Change state law


OLYMPIA — A 17-year-old Yakima County high school student is probably not the first student to do her senior project on ending senior projects.

She, however, is the first to persuade the Legislature to go along.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports Tiffany Stewart along with her stepfather, Republican Rep. David Taylor, spearheaded lobbying efforts to change state law requiring senior projects.

A political ally of Taylor sponsored a bill, but the measure didn’t go anywhere. On a recommendation from a Seattle Democrat, however, the bill was turned into an amendment inside another education bill.

That measure was approved and is due to be signed by Gov. Jay Inslee next week. Under the measure, a senior project would be optional for school districts. If the measure goes into law, the class of 2015 would be the first to avoid the extra work.


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