Letter - Give children a 21st century science education


I recently had the opportunity to peruse the Wa-Hi bond fact sheet regarding the proposed science building. The quotes there do not even make the case strong enough for a change.

Voters, I urge you to tour the current science building. You will find it woefully inadequate. Even though we plan on College Place students leaving, the labs and classroom are not even close to being serviceable.

A lab with no sinks, no access to water, and too few outlets is not good for teaching the science curriculum of today.

I, too, was very dismayed as to how the Edison School bond extra funds were handled, and the lack of communication from the School Board on that subject. However, we cannot keep holding our children responsible for years after.

Every time we turn down a bond, it gets more expensive the next time, and there will be a next time. Please, pass this bond and let’s get on with giving our children the science education they need for the 21st century.

Linda Howell

Walla Walla


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