Letter - Voters need to say ‘no’ once again


It seems to be an ongoing pain in the behind for citizens (especially seniors) in the Walla Walla School District. We voters have said “no” several times in the last few years.

Why? The answer is simple. We cannot afford more taxes and we don’t want them at this time. Once again, we need to pay off the outstanding bonds we have and not force people to fork out more money just to satisfy the few who don’t give a hoot about those who cannot afford the bonds we’re paying now and will be for several more years.

The truth is right before us. We are being bullied into approving a bond for a science building that is overpriced and unreasonable. The facts are clear. The School Board, the administration, superintendent, teachers and friends are clearly putting forth another hustle. Has anyone looked into the wages and benefits these so-called leaders are making?

My understanding and research indicates to me and the citizens I talk to all agree that the WWSD leaders are being paid by the taxpayers an amount thatcompares to the top 10 cities in the entire state. Our little school district is way below the top 10 (in population) and positioned more like the 35-40th range of small towns.

This is something everyone should check into. Don’t believe the hype from the school district. More taxes are certainly being discussed by our leaders in Walla Walla County and Olympia. They’re discussing raising gas taxes by 12-15 cents, the county is looking for ways to increase its share of taxes and the Port is doing the same.

Our Port commissioners recently (once again) raised our leader’s wages here into the top five (salaries) in the entire state. That would compare to Port of Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Spokane, Yakima, Tri-Cities and others. Ridiculous! These are cities and counties with populations and areas that far exceed Walla Walla County.

Last week I discovered (accidentally) that a senior citizen who lives close by (I’ve been an unpaid handyman many times for her) that she could not pay her utility bill and had little food in her house.

After a tearful discussion and her refusal to take my money, she let me help her. I could feel that she was sad, embarrassed and grateful at the same time. Folks, this is what we should be concerned with, not more taxes, not at this time.

Vote no!

Michael Donovan

College Place


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