State marijuana lottery awards licenses to stores on Myra Road


This story has been updated since its original publication.

WALLA WALLA — Walla Walla County’s first marijuana stores will likely be on Myra Road, according to results of the Washington Liquor Control Board’s pot business licensing lottery released this morning.

The state board allocated a total of four licenses for Walla Walla County, two in Walla Walla and two at-large. As of April 29, 10 businesses had filed retail license applications for those spots.

However, only three businesses for the county at-large made it through the board’s pre-screening process to qualify for the lottery.

The top two, Tangledown Holdings and Medible Mikes, are both located on Myra Road. Their applications list 000 NE Myra Road and 000 Myra Road, respectively.

The unlucky third spot went to Jordan Brands, 639 Spitzenburg St., in College Place. He could receive a license if either of the top two businesses fails to make it through the application process.

No lottery was held for the city of Walla Walla because fewer than two applicants made it through pre-screening. The board did not yet have a list of those applicants available for the public.

No applications for retail marijuana stores were filed in Columbia or Garfield County, which were each allocated one store.

Lottery results do not guarantee a retail store will open. Applicants must still have operations and financial plans approved, and must pass criminal background checks.

The state expects to begin issuing licenses in July, though both Walla Walla County and College Place still have marijuana moratoriums on the books. Walla Walla County’s is to expire in Sept. 16, and College Place’s on Oct. 14.

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