‘Godzilla’ could shake up the Walla Walla County Fair


Wow, Blue Öyster Cult coming to the Walla Walla County Fair & Frontiers! Really?


No contracts have been signed. But even the possibility of hearing “The Reaper” and “Godzilla” is revving up some of the old rockers and headbangers in the Valley.

And, if BÖC is booked for the Fair, it’s likely to draw some new visitors to the annual event leading up to Labor Day. Not everyone in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon is wild about country music.

The Fair already has some legendary country music groups set for the opening-night concert — The Charlie Daniels Band and The Marshall Tucker Band.

Fair Manager Cory Hewitt is working to expand the entertainment offerings. Other fairs in the area feature one well-known act a day, and seeing the show is part of the gate admission price. Hewitt said she’s been repeatedly asked for more entertainment, so she is making the effort to give ’em what they want.

Hey, it’s worth trying.

If the plan comes to fruition as Hewitt envisions, other well-known acts will be appearing during the five-day run of the fair.

But getting those acts is not going to be free, which means general admission would probably be boosted from $7 to $10 a day.

Those who have no interest in a heavy metal band such as BÖC will likely balk at the increase in ticket prices. Although, if an act or two are booked that are to their liking, they might think the extra $3 is a bargain.

This is simply a test.

“This is what Walla Walla said they wanted and we are going to find out,” Hewitt said after BÖC posted its schedule showing an Aug. 30 appearance here.

Interestingly, a week earlier BÖC is sharing a stage with rockin’ old-timers Bachman Turner (a pair who were part of Bachman Turner Overdrive), and two weeks before that BÖC is paired with Deep Purple, known mostly for “Smoke on the Water.”

Who else might be booked for the Fair? Who knows? That’s part of the fun.

Whether this experiment is a hit or a flop, it’s certain to generate more interest in the Fair — at least for this year.


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