Letter - Turner supporter doesn’t have the facts


I’m responding to Robert Phillips’ letter featured in the opinion section of the Union-Bulletin’s April 13 edition. I’m assuming it ran in the opinion section because there isn’t a fantasy/fiction page.

It amazed me how precisely Mr. Phillips regurgitated the talking points of our current sheriff. The content was so similar to Sheriff John Turner’s propaganda I wondered who actually authored it.

In the aforementioned letter, Mr. Phillips alludes to the fiscal recklessness and apparent greed of local politicians who demand ever increasing taxation to support their insatiable addiction to wasteful spending. Phillips then extolled the virtues of John in comparison.

Are you kidding? John was the only elected department head who overspent his budget since the 2010 election.

Previous Sheriff Mike Humphreys turned in excess funds most years compared to John, who yearly spends every dime left in his budget during the last quarter. This year was no exception as the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office now has a new 65 inch television in a preparation room about the size of your living room.

Did I mention the taxpayers funded that television? Did I mention there was already a 50 inch television in that room? How many big screens do you have in your living room?

John requested massive budget increases every year since the 2010 election.

Does anyone remember the Ash Hollow folks who said John’s spending nearly bankrupted them when he managed their winery? Seems like John loves spending other people’s money.

It looks like Mr. Phillips is paving the primrose path to higher taxes rather than being a proponent of fiscal restraint.

Another of Phillips’ apparent departures from reality was his ridiculous statement about John keeping every single campaign promise.

John said he would reduce gang-related problems. There were certainly changes — for the worse!

Since the election we had our first gang-related homicides. I’m not suggesting correlation is causation but it clearly demonstrates John enthusiastically made promises he had no ability or intention of keeping.

Mr. Phillips can endorse the reckless spending of John if he chooses but I will be supporting any other sheriff candidate in the upcoming election.

David Brewer

Walla Walla


cropcircles 1 year, 2 months ago

Well said Mr. Brewer. I appreciate your summary of the main points, and agree with your opposition. Turner has spent too much money, makes promises he cant keep based on trumped up information meant to scare us, and then tells us that only HE can save us with his world class experience. Not buyin it anymore. Vote for Cooper or Blackman and boot Turner out in august.


barracuda 1 year, 2 months ago

Asked in another letter too.............

Simple question.... no hidden agenda......

Can anyone answer as to whether or not, Sheriff Turner has yet gotten his Washington State certification yet?


Hersey 1 year, 2 months ago

I would ask Mr. Brewer what his suggestion would be on getting rid of the gang problem. The majority of the gang problem appears to be within the city limits, of which Turner does not have jurisdiction. The sheriff's department does, however, work with the city police department on a number of issues.


Bigdog 1 year, 2 months ago

I thought Blackman had retirement in his immediate plans? That is what his spouse claimed when she was running for County Commissioner? It never ends........


mythoughts 1 year, 2 months ago

Bigdog, That's what I though his wife said during her run for (what was it?) Commissioner. Anyone?


barracuda 1 year, 2 months ago

Evidently he meant that he was planning on retirement if she had won. Since she did not win the election, it is a moot point.


mythoughts 1 year, 1 month ago

Research the Sheriff candidates instead of listening to rumors and half truths. Here are some links to go to:

Link to the Sheriff Candidates Forum that was held in Touchet June 24, 2014.

Here are the links to the interviews done by the radio station KUJ. Just scroll down the page until you find each candidate (John Turner, Barry Blackman, Tom Cooper). http://kujam.com/common/page.php?id=52


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