Letter - Fair is becoming unaffordable


Ten dollars to go to the Fair?

Well, finally they have made it so the kids, seniors and low-income people can’t afford to go!

The price of food and the carnival rides have been out of sight for some time, now we can just stay home and eat. I think the Fair Board needs to look at how other fairs work, free admission to the concerts with gate fee, would be one place to start.

Maybe the idea is to turn the fair into another wine-tasting destination; we don’t have near enough of those.

Tom Carter

Walla Walla


mythoughts 1 year, 6 months ago

I totally agree Tom. I would like to hear an explanation of the cost difference between our fair and others from the fair board.


Ropehorse 1 year, 6 months ago

You will have that explanation very soon, you will also be seeing a completely different format and look to the fair this year, think positive, change takes time but it is coming !!


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