Letter - United States has not done war well


I have read Al Conetto’s comments — or as I like to call them, “Saber rattling from the warrior class,” with great interest, so I decided to try and open my mind. I took some time to look up the subject of war. A very interesting subject.

One of the websites I went to said that of the 238 years that America has been in existence, we have had at least one war in all but 21 of those years.

Oh, I know, someone will point out that they included the “Indian Wars” (my apologies to our Native Americans).

But I figured that with the genocide and the land grab it was a valid inclusion. Then there was the Banana wars, Philippine wars, Mexican Wars, on and on and on!

I came to the conclusion that we don’t do war very well. Never able to have that “war to end wars.” Never able to “show them” to the point where others paid attention. Never able to make the world safe for mom, apple pie and the girl we left behind!

It’s no wonder we have never had a strong leader that came from the warrior class! I suppose that there could be a case for Eisenhower, but wasn’t he the one who said to beware of the military-industrial complex?

But I digress. No wonder recent polls show the American people are not in favor of military involvement. And probably the reason that we don’t have a “warrior class” like Rome!

I know I invited Al to a meeting of the Walla Walla Progressives, but to tell the truth, these are some really open minded people, and I don’t believe he or his friends would fit in!

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


PearlY 1 year, 6 months ago

"we have never had a strong leader that came from the warrior class." Ever heard of George Washington - you know, that guy our state is named after? Thomas Jefferson? James Monroe? Andrew Jackson? Abe Lincoln? Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt?

I'm not sure what your standard of measurement is for "doing war well." You mention "land grab" so territorial conquest must be one of them, and by that standard, the U.S. did quite well through the early 1900s, before it stopped keeping the land it captured.


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