Southeast 2B tracksters qualify for district

DeSales’ Braden Kimball clears 5 feet, 1 inches in the high jump.

DeSales’ Braden Kimball clears 5 feet, 1 inches in the high jump. Photo by Michael Lopez.


WALLA WALLA – Local track and field athletes gathered at Martin Field for a Southeast 2B sub-district meet here Wednesday.

“Not many surprises today,” Walla Walla Valley Academy coach Dan Solis said. “Our fastest kids came through. (Abbie) Underhill won the 300 hurdles. (Caleb) Atkins won the 100 and 200 — he doubled.”

Atkins won the 100 with a time of 11.90 seconds and the 200 (24.27). Underhill won the 300 hurdles (48.89) and got second (16.89) behind only DeSales’ Allison Wujek.

Wujek also took second in the high jump with a clearance of 5 feet.

The DeSales relay teams on both sides did well. The boys’ 4x100 and 4x400 both claimed first place with identical teams of Dominic Kjeldgaard, Braden Kimball, Isaac Mata and Isaiah Scheel.

“The boys 4x100 (46.43) were really kind of the surprise on the day,” DeSales assistant coach Bowe Ebding said. “They have an over a second in a PR. They were very excited about that. That was probably the highlight of the day. We got to see those boys pull that out after making a few adjustments and coming on strong.”

The Irish girls’ 4x100 and 4x200 (both Stacia Deal, Amy Elmenhurst, Brittany Lemons and Wujek) collected second-place finishes.

“There were some other big ones today — Dominic Kjeldgaard in javelin (148 feet, 3 inches), Allison Wujek had another good day in high jump and the hurdles,” Ebding said. “Skylar Olson had a good PR (personal record) in the shot put (28-01). She was second as a freshman. That is pretty exciting for her,.

“Sergio Pena (300 hurdles, 45.94) was third overall in his event, but a big PR.”

Also in the hurdles was a standout for Waitsburg-Prescott, Owen Lanning, who finished first in the 300 hurdles and second in the 110.

W-P’s Emily Adams had a banner day with a third-place finish in the 800, 1,600, 3,200 and triple jump.

“We had a number of great performances and kids that will be moving on,” W-P coach Jeff Bartlow said. “On the girls side, all of girls made district, so that was really nice.

“Highlights were Emily Adams, and in all four of her events she placed third and if that happens next week — and we are hopeful — she could possibly go to state in four events,” he said. “She had a pretty good day... in some cases, like the 3,200 just getting a workout. She pushed the 1,600 and that was a great finish and one of the better races for her on the year.

“Meara Baker got a PR in the shot and ended up third and also fourth in the disk,” Bartlow said. “Qualifing all of our girls was really nice.

“Owen Lanning again stands out for us in all four of his events,” he said. “Oscar (Teixeira) from Dayton got Owen in the 110 hurdles and they have been back and forth all year.

“We qualified four of the eight spots in the 110 hurdles and that ends up being one of our stronger events,” Bartlow continued. “Both relay teams are starting to peak. We have to get stronger in the 4x4 and have some options with some of our athletes to get the strongest field of guys in that event.

“In the 200 we had three kids advance. In the shot and disk we had three kids advance. Nate Bartlow PR’d in the shot (40-7) for second.

“I want to highlight two freshman boys that are peaking, he said. “Joe Leamy (high jump and 200) and Trey Potts (high jump and triple jump) advance and that was a big deal for both of them. They are young kids and can be proud of themselves.

“This is an exciting time in track. It is getting to crunch time and this time of year is a lot of fun,” Bartlow said. “We have a bunch of great kids.”

Dayton’s Kaitlyn Andrews was second to none with a first in the long jump, first in the javelin and runner-up in the triple jump, joining fellow Bulldog Teixeira’s victory in the 110 hurdles. He was also second in the 100.

Asotin runner Chandler Teigen won the 800, 1,600 and 3,200 meters, and Panther thrower Jacob Swearingen was tops in the shot put and discus.

Asotin girls competitor Piper Loop won the shot put and discus as well.

The WWVA team takes a good portion of its team to districts next Thursday and Friday to Moscow, Idaho, at the University of Idaho track.

“Some of our other kids, our younger kids, made it to next week,” Solis said, “which we weren’t sure they would be able to do. The top eight from today advance to next week, and only the top eight.”

“I’d say about two-thirds of our kids are moving on to next week (districts) and it is mostly because the relay teams have done well today,” he said. “So I’m happy with that.”

DeSales takes about three-fourths of its team onto districts next week.

“Next week is the time the team scores will really count in the district championship (trophies),” Ebding said. “It will be in Moscow, Idaho. The kids are excited about that — it will be at U-of-I. It will be a cool atmosphere for them. It should be a good time.”

The district meet includes all of Wednesday’s competitors in the narrowed field.


100 – 1. Caleb Atkins, WWVA, 11.90. 2. Oscar Teixeira, DAY, 12.03. 3. Isaiah Scheel, DES, 12.06. 200 – 1. Caleb Atkins, WWVA, 24.27. 2. Dominic Kjeldgaard, DESA, 24.42. 3. Al Sessay, W-P, 25.06. 400 – 1. Kevin Aquino, W-P, 55.70. 2. Drew Howard, TO-GP, 55.79. 3. Chase Neill, TO-GP, 57.39. 800 – 1. Chandler Teigen, ASO, 2:02.43. 2. Isaac Mata, DESA, 2:08.54. 3. Thomas Weakland, ASO, 2:09.11. 1600 – 1. Chandler Teigen, ASO, 4:41.05. 2. Thomas Weakland, ASO, 4:51.05. 3. Brady McKay, ASO, 4:54.19. 3200 – 1. Chandler Teigen, ASO, 10:16.21. 2. Thomas Weakland, ASO, 10:34.56. 3. Juan Cortez, DESA, 10:47.21. 110 HURDLES – 1. Oscar Teixeira, DAY, 16.85. 2. Owen Lanning, W-P, 16.96. 3. Kobie Brown, W-P, 16.98. 300 HURDLES – 1. Owen Lanning, W-P, 42.67. 2. Wesley Hendrickson, WWVA, 43.07. 3. Sergio Pena, 45.94, DESA. 4X100 – 1. DESA, 46.43. 2. WWVA, 46.86. 3. W-P, 46.90. 4X400 – 1. DESA, 3:45.71. 2. W-P, 3:46.21. 3. ASO, 3:58.00. SHOT PUT – 1. Jacob Swearingen, ASO, 44-10.25. 2. Nate Bartlow, W-P, 40-07.25. 3. Tommy Loop, ASO, 40-05.25. DISCUS – 1. Jacob Swearingen, ASO, 135-10. 2. Dirk Whitmore, ASO, 133-09. 3. Tommy Loop, ASO, 130-11. JAVELIN — 1. Dominic Kjeldgaard, DESA, 148-03. 2. Cody Whitmore, ASO, 141-08. 3. Dirk Whitmore, ASO, 139-04. HIGH JUMP – 1. Dary Stamper, 6-00.00, ST.J-E. 2. Kobie Brown, W-P, 5-10.00. 3. Tyler Knight, 5-08.00, ST. J-E. POLE VAULT – 1. Michael Martinez, ASO, 12-00.00. 2. Kaegan Crowe, ASO, 8-00.00. 3. Hayden Garrett, ASO, 7-06.00. LONG JUMP – 1. Darcy Stamper, 20-04.75, ST.J-E. 2. Nate Prior, ASO, 19-02.25. 3. Isaiah Scheel, DESA, `18-03.00. TRIPLE JUMP – 1. Owen Lanning, W-P, 42-00.25. 2. Nate Prior, ASO, 39-03.00. 3. Michael Martinez, ASO, 37-03.00


100 – Abby Webb, ASO, 13.18. 2. Julia Ristau, ASO, 13.48. 3. Kaitlyn Andrews, DAY, 13.52. 200 – 1. Abby Webb, ASO, 27.72. 2. Sarah Nichols, ASO, 27.82. 3. Brittany Lemons, DESA, 28.12. 400 – 1. Sarah Nicholas, ASO, 1:03.78. 2. Maddie Bogenrief, TO-GP, 1:08.06. 3. Kassidy Kuykendall, W-P, 1:09.89. 800 — 1. Madeline Eggleston, ASO, 2:31.70. 2. Katie Holbrook, TO-GP, 2:39.50. 3. Emily Adams, W-P, 2:42.87. 1600 – 1. Lucy Eggleston, ASO, 5:42.11. 2. Katie Holbrook, TO-GP, 5:50.86. 3. Emily Adams, W-P, 5:51.36. 3200 – 1. Lucy Eggleston, ASO, 12:16.23. 2. Heather Siegel, ST.J-E, 12:16.23. 3. Emily Adams, W-P, 13:10.12. 100 HURDLES – 1. Allison Wujek, DESA, 16.16. 2. Abbie Underhill, 16.89, WWVA. 3. Courtney Mason, ASO, 18.36. 300 HURDLES – 1. Abbie Underhill, WWVA, 48.89. 2. Melissa Groom, TO-GP, 54.16. 3. Jessica McCain, ASO, 57.30. 4X100 – 1. ASO, 53.36. 2. DESA, 54.95. 3. WWVA, 55.55. 4X200 – 1. ASO, 1:51.97. 2. DESA, 1:54.53. 3. TO-GP, 2:05.34. 4X400 – 1. Zoe Roberston, TO-GP, 4:38.93. 2. ASO, 4:45.47. 3. ST.J-E, 4:58.07. SHOT PUT – 1. Piper Loop, ASO, 32-04.00. 2. Skylar Olson, DESA, 28-01.00. 3. Meara Baker, W-P, 25-10.75. DISCUS – 1. Piper Loop, ASO, 113-05. 2. Beka Adams, W-P, 91-05. 3. Stanzi Hay, ASO, 72-02. JAVELIN – 1. Kaitlyn Andrews, DAY, 118-07. 2. Annie Bailey, 103-05. 3. Gabby Israel, TO-GP, 95-03. HIGH JUMP – 1. Olivia Pakootas, TO-GP, 5-00.00. 2. Allison Wujek, DESA, 5-00.00. 3. Jessica McCain, ASO, 4-00.00. POLE VAULT – 1. Aisha Lawson, ASO, 7-00.00. 2. Megan McCain, ASO, 6-06.00. LONG JUMP – 1. Kaitlyn Andrews, DAY, 15-08.50. 2. Maddie Bogenrief, TO-GP, 14-00.25. 3. Shania Bailey, ST.J-E, 13-11.50. TRIPLE JUMP – 1. Olivia Pakootas, TO-GP, 31-10.00. 2. Kaitlyn Andrews, DAY, 31-08.00. 3. Emily Adams, W-P, 30-11.75.


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