No suspect sought after two die in Pasco homicide


PASCO — A Pasco man and woman were found dead Monday morning in their bedroom after police got a call to check the home.

Detectives are investigating the “violent” deaths of Monique V. Williams and her boyfriend, Aaron J. Newport, but are not looking for a suspect.

Williams, 29, had owned the home at 7912 Redonda Drive for 41⁄2 years. She was a registered nurse with an active license, though it is not known where she worked.

Newport, 36, reportedly lived with Williams in the west Pasco house, which is just south of Sandifur Parkway and west of Road 68.

He worked in construction with a Kennewick company, and spent his free time racing Jet Skis, late-model cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes — “anything that went fast,” said his ex-wife, Whitney Ellison. “He loved the adrenaline.”

Autopsies will be performed Thursday morning, according to Franklin County Deputy Coroner Breana Davenport.

The coroner’s office and Pasco police Capt. Jim Raymond declined to give information on the cause of death.

“I will say that the individuals appeared to have died of a violent means, that’s the best description I can give you at this time,” Raymond said at the scene.

Officers were sent to the home around 8:30 a.m. after dispatch received a call to have someone check on the couple. Investigators aren’t sure how long the bodies had been in the house.

“We believe this incident to be isolated inside the residence, and we’re investigating this as such,” Raymond said.

Neighbor Victoria Browning told the Herald that she was surprised when an officer came to her door.

“He goes, ‘Have you heard any shooting?’ ” she said. “I said, ‘What?’ Then I saw the tape all around.”

Lisa John, who lives on the other side of Williams’ house, described the couple as quiet.

“They were mostly to themselves. They never talked to neighbors,” she said.

Ellison, who divorced Newport in 2010, described her ex-husband as a good person. It may be difficult for others to agree given Monday’s “bad situation,” she said.

“I know what he did, I’m not stupid. I was married to him,” she told the Herald. “The best way to describe him is he loves deeply, and he was passionate about the people in his life.

“He was passionate about the people and the sports and activities that he was involved with,” she added. “He was an incredible mechanic, an incredible driver. Everything he ever sat in or drove or rode, he rode to their fullest potential, and made it go as fast as he possibly could.”

A tearful Ellison said she and Newport parted ways after they split, but they had become friends again, would talk and were at peace with each other.

Newport loved his family, and she can’t look past the fact that he was a part of her life and her own family for a long time, she said.

“The last thing I knew, he was in a good place and in a stable place. And we kind of forgave each other for the past,” Ellison said.

Their own relationship had been troubled, but Ellison didn’t want to bring up the negative past, she said.

“This is so unfortunate because he really had a good heart,” she said.


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