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Rector's-eye view of pioneer Walla Walla offers blast from the past

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, where I serve as rector, this year is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding.

Letter - Equal education will be hot campaign topic

Equal education is a human right.

Letter - Jim Duncan will work hard for community

This is a letter of recommendation for Jim Duncan for county commissioner.

Letter - Blame should fall on policy, not teachers

The Union-Bulletin reported on July 22 that Washington state failed to receive a waiver from the strictures of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002.

Letter - Sheriff Turner changes story when it’s contradicted

I received several speeding tickets as a teenager. I deserved all but one. When I tried to fight that one, the officer took the stand and read his story.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to battle poverty hits bipartisan chord

The Wisconsin Republican is pushing a plan that lets states decide where social service funds are allocated.

Given the financial mess the leaders of the federal government have created with poor spending decisions — much of it on well-intended social programs — U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan might have hit on a winner with his plan to fight poverty.

States limit Medicaid users’ access to costly hepatitis drug

Months before Gilead Sciences’ breakthrough hepatitis C treatment hit the market, Oregon Medicaid official Tom Burns started worrying about how the state could afford to cover every enrollee infected with the disease. He figured the cost might even reach $36,000 per patient.

Gun club seeks sit-down with feds over range plan

The Walla Walla club wants an indoor range on airport grounds regulated by FAA and TSA.

A Walla Walla Gun Club proposal for a new indoor pistol, rimfire and archery range will need to be scoped out by a range of partners before the Port of Walla Walla can move forward, officials said.

Family historian seeks information from Abbott clan

For Patricia Ann “Pat” Nelson Riggs, members of her Abbott clan are on her mind, particularly Ernest Anderson Abbott, born Nov. 25, 1941, and wife Sharon Tireman Abbott, born in about 1947.

Climate change may reduce wheat, corn crop yields

BOSTON — Rising temperatures caused by climate change increase the odds that wheat and corn yields will slow.

United Grain shuts down elevator as union dispute escalates

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Citing threats from union pickets, state grain inspectors are refusing to enter United Grain Corp.’s export facility at the Port of Vancouver.

Orders for capital goods increase

WASHINGTON — Orders for U.S. business equipment rose in June following a revised drop the prior month, indicating corporate investment remains stop-and-go and could hold back economic growth.

Hassler becomes sole owner of accounting firm TKCPA

A nearly 30-year-old Walla Walla accounting firm will soon transition from a partnership to sole ownership.

Smokers might fume, but Oregon plans to ban smoking on beaches

SALEM (AP) — Oregon is taking steps to ban smoking on all 362 miles of beaches along the Pacific coast.

Two more supermoons will brighten summer nights

If you missed the supermoon on July 12, you’ll get second and third chances to see one on Aug. 10 and Sept. 9.

Water watcher - 7/25/14

Facts and tips on water usage and conservation are presented weekly by the city of Walla Walla, in partnership with Walla Walla Community College and the Union-Bulletin.

Minutes - Touchet School Board - 7/24/14

Board members are: Jody Kromm, Claudia Borgens, Darren Goble, Michael McCubbins and Cathy Schaeffer.

Washington coal trains freighted with issues, jobs for state

A report lays out problems, costs and benefits should a coal shipping terminal be built.

SEATTLE — Communities throughout the Puget Sound region would need overpasses and underpasses costing $50 million to $200 million each to prevent traffic from being stopped by a proposed 18 daily coal trains, a government report says.

Homeowner agreements can ban pot

If neighbors can see or smell marijuana, homeowner agreements can regulate the drug as a nuisance.

DENVER (AP) — Pot may be legal in some states — but the neighbors don’t have to like it.

Ideas offered for downtown loitering problems

Business, government and law enforcement discussed concerns about aggressive and inappropriate behavior downtown

WALLA WALLA — Conversations over aggressive and inappropriate behavior in the downtown core continued this morning in a meeting of the business community, local government and law enforcement at Walla Walla Police Department.