Dating Dementia-Donald Nelson

1957 - 2014

Resident of Kennewick Donald M. Nelson, 56,

Dating Dementia-Lewanne Lien

1937 - 2014

Lewanne Ellen Lien, 76, died Sept. 10, 2014

Dating Dementia-Wilma McBain

1932 - 2014

Wilma F. McBain, 82, died Sept. 16, 2014

Dating Dementia-Julia Overstreet

1926 - 2014

Former Weston resident Julia F. Overstreet, 88

Comments on Congress-Column: President, Congress should work together on military intervention

In his speech last week outlining his plans to use military force against the jihadists of the Islamic State, President Obama gave Congress only passing mention. “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL,” he said. “But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together.”

Dating Dementia-Lucille Schmierer

1927 - 2014

Milton-Freewater resident Lucille A. Schmierer,

Dating Dementia-Thelma Needham

1939 - 2014

Thelma T. Needham, 77, died Sept. 15,

Dating Dementia-Gladys Yaw

1923 - 2014

Gladys V. Yaw, 91, died Sept. 14, 2014

Dating Dementia-Leota Lightfoot

Leota A. Lightfoot, 80, died Sept. 13, 2014,

Dating Dementia-Alice Turegano

Alice J. Turegano, 93, died Sept. 13, 2014

Dating Dementia-Lucille Schmeier

1927 - 2014

Milton-Freewater resident Lucille A. Schmeier, 86, died Sept. 13

Latino Voices-Mariachi music brings girl out of her shell

The lights are shining brightly. I feel them on my face. I look into the crowd and I try to recognize the faces, but the lights are too bright to see. I feel the heat on my face. My heart starts to race, my palms are sweaty, and my legs are shaking.

Curiosity Watch-Mars rover survives glitches, slippery sand to destination

Curiosity has reached the base of Mount Sharp. The Mars rover’s wheels are now on material that is part of the mountain, material different from the type Curiosity landed on two years ago.

Walla Walla Water Watcher-Walla Walla Water Watcher - 9/12/14

Facts and tips on water usage and conservation are presented weekly by the City of Walla Walla, in partnership with Walla Walla Community College and the Union-Bulletin.

Dating Dementia-Donald Nelson

1963 - 2014

Donald Forrest Nelson, 51, died Sept. 11,Donald Forrest Nelson, 51, died Sept. 11,