Columns-César Chávez serves as role model to get involved

Many people in Washington state do not know what day March 31 is or what it means to those who work as farm laborers.

Pastor Column-Following Christ in a post-Christian world

Much has been written in the past few years about the massive cultural shift in the United States today. Headlining that writing is that “Christendom” is dead or dying. The “post-Christian” era that replaces it is characterized by a secular value system, which tells us “all truth is relative and all forms of faith are equal.” In other words, we are told “what works for you may not work for someone else but as long as it works for you it is fine.”

Eye to the Sky-Total lunar eclipse coming up around tax day

The first total eclipse of the moon visible in North America since 2011 will occur April 14.

Now Hear This-April showers Walla Walla Valley with torrent of music

In the 14th century, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote of “Aprille with his shoures soote,” linking, in the prologue to “The Canterbury Tales,” the month of April with nature’s abundance and the torrents of spring. If alive today and living in the Walla Walla Valley, Chaucer might well turn his pen to celebrating a month of musical abundance.

Columns-Set your goals high; don’t be discouraged by critics

was brought to the United States by my parents from Mexico when I was 5 years old so life in America is all I have come to know.

Pastor Column-Jesus made the hard choice — for us

I was a little suspect when Larry suggested we trade bikes for the ride. But, I agreed, not giving it enough thought. It wasn’t until I began to pick up speed going downhill and had tapped on his brakes that I realized why he wanted to trade. The brakes didn’t work.

Columns-Reclaimed wood creations — the Walla Walla harvest table

I have often been asked how I got started building furniture (and especially harvest tables) out of reclaimed wood. Well I actually began building benches and then progressed from there.

Taking Care-Make memories while your parents are alive

I will long cherish the last real trip we took with my folks and our children together. Mom and Dad had never been to Disneyland and they were in their late 70s. We met them in the Los Angeles airport, and stayed near the park.

Comments on Congress-Repairs to process the key to getting Congress back on track

These are hard times for Congress. Its approval ratings have seen a bump from their historic lows of a few months ago, but it’s a small one. Our representative democracy’s keystone political institution is widely derided as ineffective, unproductive, irrelevant, and sadly out of touch.

POV: Science-There's no solid research that pineapple can benefit Alzheimer's disease

I was recently asked to comment about the benefits of pineapple in Alzheimer’s disease. I checked peer-reviewed literature and found nothing to directly support the idea. Google, however, led me to Doctor Oz. He recommends a variety of commercial products and brings authors to his TV program. He put Haylie Pomroy’s “Fast Metabolism Diet”on his show’s website. She promotes pineapple as a source of “natural” sugar and suggests that it’s good for the adrenals.

POV: Science-Staving off Alzheimer’s has many schools of thought

Do you remember what I wrote about Alzheimer’s last month. I’m fuzzy about it, too. Here’s a restatement. More than a century ago Alois Alzheimer described misshapen proteins, or peptides, in the brains of patients with dementia. Studies seem to confirm an association, but not necessarily cause and effect. Treatments to clear these proteins from the brain have produced disappointing results. While we wait for clarification, what might help?

Pastor Column-There is only one God who is able

Three young men have been summoned to appear before the most powerful man on the planet. They are guilty of refusing to obey that man’s command: to bow in worship before a great golden image he has erected.

Curiosity Watch-Mars rover rolls in wheel-saving reverse toward objective

One of the main objectives of the Curiosity mission to Mars is to study the lower reaches of Mount Sharp. The exposed geology here could add supporting evidence to the discoveries made at Yellowknife Bay last March.

Tease photo

Arts & Entertainment-, Simply Digital-Learning, photographing a restaurant’s inner workings

Remember the last time you made lunch reservations, arrived at the restaurant and the hostess said to the waiter, “Take this party to table number six.” Did you find yourself counting the tables to determine what numbers the other tables might be?

Pastor Column-Friendship helps make life worth living

Some time ago there was a popular bumper sticker that read, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Although this may represent the measure of a successful life for some, I recently had an experience that helped me understand that there is, perhaps, a better measure of success.