Comments on Congress-, Top Stories-Where Congress falls short ... and where it doesn’t

At a public gathering the other day, someone asked me how I’d sum up my views on Congress. It was a good question, because it forced me to step back from worrying about the current politics of Capitol Hill and take a longer view.

Science Matters-Darwin distorted: An evolution of disinformation

There is a great deal of misunderstanding of the basic tenets of the Theory of Evolution. The main source of confusion stems from those who deliberately twist the principles to advance their own agenda.

POV: Science-The journals: My monthly potpourri

At the end of each year, writers and researchers take a little break and tell what they think about the year past. I’m borrowing wholesale from the journal Science and developments that its staff ranked at the top of 2013.

Pastor Column-Surgeon finds Jesus in little girl's heart

The doctor was confused. After explaining to his little patient the general details of the heart surgery she was to have the next day, she said, “And when you do my heart, you’ll find Jesus there.”

Fair Exchange-Profit-hsaring works — just ask Founding Fathers

I like profit-sharing plans, and I am in good company. Our Founding Fathers saw America as a country that would prosper because every worker is a capitalist.

Eye to the Sky-If you think winter's long, try it on Mars

The Earth has four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Do other planets in the solar system have seasons? Before answering that question, let’s review what causes the Earth’s seasons.

Now Hear This-Exotica music welcomes spring on Walla Walla stages

The month of birds returning from migrations brings to mind Walla Walla’s linkage with far-flung regions of the world. Musically, we get a month of exotica, of musical tourism.

Pastor Column-Is justice ever really achieved?

t’s Black History Month, a time when we think about a huge group of immigrants who came here — not to improve their own lives, but those of others — because they came as slaves. Watching the movie, “Twelve Years a Slave,” provoked a lot of pondering for me. One man works 12 years and gains nothing personally for his time and labor. Although he is freed at the end of his story, millions of others never were. Their entire labor went to enrich people who considered them property. For some descendants of

Comments on Congress-Column: There's an alternative to an imperial presidency

In his State of the Union speech to Congress last month, President Obama drew widespread attention for pledging to use his executive authority to advance his priorities. He insisted he intends to act with or without Congress, and listed well over a dozen actions he plans to take by executive order. “Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families,” he said, “that’s what I’m going to do.”

POV: Science-Alzheimer’s a tangled web of possible causes

Many of us hear an alarm bell when we forget where we left the keys or see someone we should know but can’t connect the face with a name.

Columns-GEAR-Up programs helps undocumented Wa-Hi student access education

At a young age, I envisioned myself becoming an actress, doctor, teacher and everything else a small child could think of being, but as I grew up, I realized I would have to overcome many challenges to reach my dream of becoming one of those.

Columns-Sheriff explains his plan to reorganize administrative staff

I want to discuss with readers Tuesday’s U-B article regarding Sheriff’s Office employees.

Fair Exchange-Hard numbers and humility needed in minimum wage debate

Remove the hype, histrionics and hubris from the minimum wage debate, bring in some hard numbers and a touch of humility.

Fair Exchange-Minimum wage, minimum information

Remove the hype, histrionics and hubris from the minimum wage debate, bring in some hard numbers and a touch of humility — keep in mind that we are all human — and maybe something good will happen.

Pastor Column-America is on the verge of reaping what it’s sown

In the deepest part of me I know that unless repentance comes to America, we will bitterly reap what we’ve sown.