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Arts & Entertainment-, Wenaha artists-Rick Woodard’s wood-turned art meant to be used

A work of art. Probably the last thing that comes to mind when someone uses that phrase is a hardwood French rolling pin.

Comments on Congress-Column: Can we have a regular Congress?

You probably didn’t notice, but the Senate passed a milestone a couple of weeks back. Before 2015 was a month old, senators had already had a chance to vote up-or-down on more amendments than they did in all of 2014.

Latino Voices-, Local-Column - Hunger pains bring need for education into sharp focus

I remember as a young child walking down the street in my little village in Mexico staring at the grocery store very tempted to steal a snack.

Pastor Column-David Hume: No miracles allowed

The Bible speaks of miracles and divine signs associated with the life of Jesus. His resurrection to new life after death was an extraordinary event that has the highest existential import. That means that if it really happened then it makes a huge difference for you and me. Because it matters to the highest degree whether this man really was God’s decisive revelation and made possible our ultimate restoration to God’s presence, people are either interested in investigating the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection or avoiding it altogether.

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Eye to the Sky-Column: Stargazers can take Taurus by the horns in February

If you found Orion on the few clear nights we’ve had this month, then finding its neighbor, the constellation Taurus, will be easy.

Arts & Entertainment-, Now Hear This-Cheers! February brings broad range of concerts, recitals

Not only do we now start to notice the days lengthening, but we also raise our Champagne glasses to toast.

Columns-, Religion-Column - Resolve to do better, be more like Christ

As I walked out to my car early in the month of December, I noticed that there was a piece of paper tucked underneath one of the wiper blades.

Columns-, Port of Walla Walla-Column - Sky is limit for business at WW airport

The Walla Walla Regional Airport’s two major lines of business, aviation and the business park, produced solid results in 2014.

Latino Voices-Column - AVID helps build habits to become successful

College wasn’t mentioned in my household until middle school. My family members didn’t know anything about postsecondary school. All they knew was high school, which neither of my parents were able to attend.

Pastor Column-Resolve to do better, be more like Christ

As I walked out to my car early in the month of December, I noticed that there was a piece of paper tucked underneath one of the wiper blades. Upon further investigation, I found a candy cane taped to the paper and the message “You have been “RACK”ed. I had received a Random Act of Christmas Kindness.

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Arts & Entertainment-, Wenaha artists-Dayton painter Vivian McCauley: Prolific, determined and 95

It sounds like a riddle that Gollum would propound to Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit”:

Comments on Congress-Column: It'll never be time for term limits on Congress

It didn’t get much attention at the time, but the elections last November did more than give Republicans a majority in the U.S. Senate. Voters also added to the ranks of people on both sides of Capitol Hill who believe members of Congress should serve a limited number of terms.

Columns-Westneat - State Capitol gun policy was behind the times

I see the days of slinging on a semi-automatic weapon with a 45-round magazine and heading down to the House and Senate galleries in Olympia to wave the weapon around are officially over.

Latino Voices-Column - Traditions make holidays special

My favorite part of the holidays is celebrating with my family. On Christmas Eve, we eat dinner and open one present. If we stay up until midnight, we are allowed to open all of our presents.

Columns-, Panorama-Column - For owners, it’s a new year at Shady Lawn Antiques

January marks the beginning of the New Year at Shady Lawn Antiques, but it hasn’t always been so.