Religion-, Pastor Columns-Carrying Jesus: A wild ride, but worth it

When I was growing up, I had a friend who had a donkey. I remember a group of us playing in the field, looking for frogs and lizards, stomping in the creek, and then deciding it would be a fun idea to ride the donkey — the donkey that until now, had not been ridden.

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Simply Digital-Photographer field-tests Santa’s gift — a new digital lens

Santa was good to me this year! As my wife handed me a package from under the Christmas tree she said, “Be careful, it’s fragile.”

Comments on Congress-, Top Stories-Column: Hold the congratulations for Congress

Now that Congress has its immense, $1.1 trillion bipartisan funding bill in hand, Capitol Hill is breathing easier. They ended the specter of a government shutdown for the moment, and funded the federal budget for most of the year. The media has been commending Congress for finally doing its job.

POV: Science-Testosterone therapy: ‘Cure’ looking for problem?

Low T? OMG! The pharmaceutical industry wants men to think their sex lives, muscle mass and energy levels are in trouble because of — oh my goodness — low testosterone

Fair Exchange-If the minimum wage increases, then what?

As a long-time advocate of paying employees a living wage I should be happy that Seattle’s new mayor, Ed Murray, has issued an executive order to “begin the process of raising the minimum wage of the city’s employees to $15 an hour.”

Taking Care-Loss of identity with Alzheimer's hard to bear

How is your mom doing?” I asked a friend of mine recently. “Well, physically she’s actually pretty good. Mentally, though, she’s slowly leaving us. It’s tough.”

Pastor Column-Hell? No! Meet the God of the Bible

In a recent letter to the editor, a writer declared he would not want to believe in a God “who threatens eternal punishment for anyone who questions the dogmas and tenets of the religion.” And if “eternal punishment” implies being tormented in an eternally burning hell, I heartily agree. Neither could I love and worship a God like that

Curiosity Watch-Curiosity crunches geological data to date Mars

The surface of Mars has a rich geological record, and the Curiosity rover is reading that record by sampling the rocks and soils at different locations along its route to Mount Sharp.

Columns-, Local-Teachers started me on course to college

Attending Washington State University has been a dream of mine since I was in the fourth grade.

Columns-, Local-University nurtures STEM program, students

Karl Pomare is a 21-year old from Austin, Texas. At age 10, unable to afford a fancy radio-controlled car like his friend’s, Karl built his own with Popsicle sticks, scrap wires, electric motors, switches, and a soldering gun

Pastor Column-We need holy sight to see ourselves, each other

How do we see each other? I’ve been pondering this, in view of the parable that Jesus told about the Pharisee and the tax collector, who were praying in the same place, but not together.

Comments on Congress-Column: Trust ... but definitely verify

Of all the numbers thrown at us over the course of last year, one stands out for me. I hope we can avoid repeating it this year.

Science Matters-Science's gains from computer modeling hard to dispute

I have written previously about the use of models and algorithms to study various scientific phenomena. I had my first experience with these methods in my first job for which my education was important.

Pastor Column-It’s time to take a vacation — at church

Oh, it’s been a busy day! How many times has the following happened to you?

Marquee-, Now Hear This-, Top Stories-Chamber festival brings hot music to a cold month

January is now the month for the mid-winter Walla Walla Chamber Music Winter Festival, which takes place over a generously stretched Martin Luther King weekend, this year on Jan. 16-19.