Fair Exchange


Fair Exchange-What's really behind the wage gap headlines?

It has become a rite of spring – the annual announcement that women earn 70 to 77 percent of what men earn on average or over a lifetime. The two pay gap studies most cited right now are from the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). These organizations have a legislative agenda and a need to keep donations flowing in. I agree with many of their overall goals – improved access to daycare, parental leave, family friendly work hours and equal pay for equal work. But specious statistics and distorted data don’t serve their cause well. The NWLC study lead

Fair Exchange-Parents can help, hinder career choices

Alvin announced that he planned to make cheese the focus of his life. He owned cheese-making equipment and held tasting parties in his dorm room. The career research assignment for his intro to business class was a breeze. Alvin had been researching cheese-related career and business opportunities for a few years. He was learning to speak French and planned to work in a fromagerie in France for the summer. Alvin was a hoot and a half and needed no career advice help. In each class I taught there were a couple of students like Alvin. They had interests that could lead to careers and they made good use of the Internet to research career possibilities.

Fair Exchange-Whatever you do for work, be true to you

A person with no children shouldn’t give advice to parents, but she’s entitled to make a few observations. Your children see the world of work through your eyes. They see you come home from work happy and excited or so miserable you don’t want to talk about it. They may see the long hours, dedication and worry of a business owner. They hear about the trouble caused by that dolt of a client. They hear about co-workers who help and those who hinder. They see the effort it takes to stick with a job and the pride you take from a difficult achievement.

Fair Exchange-When is it fair to cry foul on coarse words?

Fair is foul and foul is fair; hover through the fog and filthy air.” With an apology to Shakespeare, what language is fair and what fouls the air in the workplace? My clean language has made a few co-workers uncomfortable. But I have also felt the need to censor myself when working in very conservative organizations. What is fair to one person is foul to another; therein lies the problem.

Fair Exchange-Are 1960s pay practices staging a return?

The Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963. Twenty years later it was still common for employers to pay married men with children more than single men, and women were paid even less. It was 1983 when I was told that my gender and marital status determined my pay rather than what I was responsible for or how well I performed my job. When I was hired by a college to administer their National Direct Student Loan program it had a default rate of 17.6 percent. Four years later it was down to 6.3 percent. Because loan payments were up and the defaults were down the college was eligible for hundreds of thousands more grant dollars and more loan funds were available to students. None of that mattered when it came to what I was paid. I was paid the standard rate for an unmarried woman. My boss fought for some recognition of my performance and I was given an “exceptional” 5-cents-an-hour increase.

Fair Exchange-Lessons from Charlie: Make job interviews experiential

I once heard the job interview process described as “two people sitting across from each other while lying.” Maybe that’s a tad cynical, but even if there are no blatant falsehoods a lot of exaggeration and misrepresentation comes from both sides of the interview desk. The Society of Human Resource Managers recently released a survey that shows nearly 50 percent of employees and 40 percent of employers feel misled and disappointed in the new job or new employee — even with multiple interviews, a job description, personality and skills tests, a good resume and references checks. So what can be done? The Blue Mountain Humane Society may have the answer. I couldn’t adopt my dog Charlie until he had stayed with me for a few days on a “get acquainted” visit. They wanted me to make an informed decision and living together for a few days was the best way. I wanted a walking partner, someone to make sure I exercised in fresh air and got my mind off the challenges at work. And what is more relaxing than watching a dog run and jump with pure joy as he snags a Frisbee?

Fair Exchange-Dead end job? Look within for inspiration

There are no dead-end jobs. Every job requires skills and knowledge, and every job can be performed better or worse because of the talent, initiative and creativity of the job holder. Some jobs require very specialized knowledge and skills: air traffic controller, medical lab tech, dog groomer. They don’t have much of a career ladder, but they aren’t dead-enders, either. People in those jobs will (or will not) be reliable, show good judgment, and have the patience to work with difficult people. They will (or will not) show a desire to improve their performance and understand their customers and the business.

Fair Exchange-Dead-end job? Look within for inspiration

There are no dead-end jobs. Every job requires skills and knowledge, and every job can be performed better or worse because of the talent, initiative and creativity of the job holder.

Fair Exchange-Management 101: Define job and expectations

Many years ago a business owner asked me for advice on firing his one and only employee. They were good friends and the business owner didn’t want to talk to his friend about performance problems. He thought it would be easier if I came in and did the firing for him.

Fair Exchange-Workdays expand, but what about salaries?

When employees paid an hourly wage realize the boss is short-changing their paycheck, they have every right and the resources to get it resolved under state and federal rules that protect them. But what can a salaried employee do who has an ever-expanding workday and a paycheck that is unaffected by the number of hours worked? People paid a salary

Fair Exchange-Lessons from Charlie: Policies prevent problems

When I brought Charlie home from the Blue Mountain Humane Society he had to learn the rules of a new home, and I had no idea how to explain rules to a dog.

Fair Exchange-Successful telecommuting needs proper management

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo! for just seven months, was hired to shake things up and turn the Internet communications company around. She has certainly shaken things up, but whether it improves the company’s bottom line remains to be seen.

Fair Exchange-What does your work space say about you?

Q: Can my boss make me clean up my work space?

Fair Exchange-Dog eat dog? Take management lessons from Charlie

Charlie was found in the woods, scrawny and ragged. He wasn’t what I was looking for when I visited the Blue Mountain Humane Society facility, but when I saw him, I knew he would be my dog.

Fair Exchange-Focus on office success, not personal status

When my co-worker told me that Phil had built a barricade preventing anyone from entering his department I was surprised. When the facilities manager called and told me that Phil was perched on an upended desk like a large bird and was shouting at them to leave his department I thought he was joking.