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Home Place-Quest for marker leaves no stone unturned

Iridescent blue flecks of sky speckled throughout the sparkle of black diamond. Labeled “Emerald Pearl” granite, the name paled to reality. The sample square glowed like a living organism, oozing dazzle.

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Home Place-Sixteen-year-old a sweet gift to family

“God,” I screamed. “I am exhausted. I am crazy busy. I can’t do any more. If I’m supposed to do this, you’re going to have to show me in a big way. BIG. Do you understand, God?”

Home Place-Plenitude of projects sprout in muddy back yard

With no new bark on top, the ground rose up to meet every sole, happy to be brought into the warm house. I became a shrieker. “WHO DID NOT WIPE THEIR FEET? SOMEONE WILL DIE.”

Home Place-Stressed body lets food go to waist

Suddenly there was a glop of marshmallow cream under my skin. Jell-O under my shirt. A bizarre pillow of wiggly jelly rivaling St. Nick’s.

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Home Place-Sitting-room saga reveals painting addict's true colors

If a cure only existed, I could have another 600 hours or so in my lifetime to do other things. And that’s just thus far.

Home Place-Family bonds grow ever grander with every visit

It’s going to be raining babies this year for our family.

Home Place-Reporter survives flu’s best shot

As a health reporter for this newspaper, I don’t actually dispense medical advice, but report on those who do. And every year, like clockwork, I trot out warnings about the upcoming flu season and recommendations from public health officials. I try to make sure readers know where they can most conveniently get vaccinated against influenza.

Home Place-Firstborn son goes from prodigal to laudable

Last year, almost exactly 12 months ago, I laid a burden at your feet. You didn’t ask for it, but I could no longer lift the weight of my son’s absence alone.

Home Place-‘Giving away Christmas’ brings family biggest gift

There are five children running around the home of Christina and Kevin Magnaghi, ranging from preteen to preschooler.

Home Place-Small-town folks inspire big-time gratitude

Today I am unexpectedly filled with a need to talk about my village. The one I grew up in and returned to 20 years later — kicking and screaming, but that didn’t last past the first year.

Home Place-Hunting novice horns in on husband’s role as provider of game

The afternoon is chilly, verging on frosty. I’ll leave work soon and head home to cook dinner. On the menu are sauteed mushrooms, mashed cauliflower — my latest drug of choice — and a green salad.

Home Place-Project goes past the pink to the heart of women’s health

I am writing this in October, the official month of all things pink. You know, the color of breast cancer awareness. And store shelves were completely pinked out well before October, as if buying pink merchandise is the only answer to the problem.

Home Place-Home Place: Portland family doubles parenting pleasure, pressure

Readers, do you know what time it is? It’s time for another chat with eldest daughter, known best as MacMama.

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Home Place-Plight of Red Dog drives would-be rescuer ‘crazy'

Polly called. She rarely does, so when it happens, I listen. She hated to ask a favor, she said, but there’s a dog in trouble, and could I help? “I’ve tried everything I can think of. Maybe you can get the word out.”

Home Place-A lifetime of decoration fascination shifts from Barbies to RVs

It started in my bedroom, under the creaky, scarred wooden desk.