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Home Place-The big, bad crib adventure and other scary stories

The twinsters are approaching the four-month mark of being Earthlings, if you can believe that.

Home Place-After three years, family finally warms up to dishwasher

If you have eaten at our house in the past three years, partaken in a potluck dish I contributed or nibbled on snacks I ferried to work, let me say I am heartily sorry.

Home Place-Family waits on a miracle after boy's near drowning

Gabriel Scheel is spunky. The youngest of five boys, the Assumption School preschooler is tough enough to lay some hurt on his brothers when the Scheel boys roughhouse.

Home Place-Pain sufferer gets the point of acupuncture

So I recently became accidentally addicted. Totally unintentional and, like addictions do, this one got me at my most vulnerable moment.

Home Place-Column: Public restrooms don’t mean squat with seat covers

Let’s start this column on a need-to-know basis, and it’s going to get a little graphic here.

Home Place-Public restrooms don’t mean squat with seat covers

Let’s start this column on a need-to-know basis, and it’s going to get a little graphic here.

Home Place-Mixed pair makes its public debut

Altogether we had a yard-plus and a few ounces shy of 13 pounds of babies who were sporting enough hair to brush, cut and style.

Home Place-Quest for marker leaves no stone unturned

Iridescent blue flecks of sky speckled throughout the sparkle of black diamond. Labeled “Emerald Pearl” granite, the name paled to reality. The sample square glowed like a living organism, oozing dazzle.

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Home Place-Sixteen-year-old a sweet gift to family

“God,” I screamed. “I am exhausted. I am crazy busy. I can’t do any more. If I’m supposed to do this, you’re going to have to show me in a big way. BIG. Do you understand, God?”

Home Place-Plenitude of projects sprout in muddy back yard

With no new bark on top, the ground rose up to meet every sole, happy to be brought into the warm house. I became a shrieker. “WHO DID NOT WIPE THEIR FEET? SOMEONE WILL DIE.”

Home Place-Stressed body lets food go to waist

Suddenly there was a glop of marshmallow cream under my skin. Jell-O under my shirt. A bizarre pillow of wiggly jelly rivaling St. Nick’s.

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Home Place-Sitting-room saga reveals painting addict's true colors

If a cure only existed, I could have another 600 hours or so in my lifetime to do other things. And that’s just thus far.

Home Place-Family bonds grow ever grander with every visit

It’s going to be raining babies this year for our family.

Home Place-Reporter survives flu’s best shot

As a health reporter for this newspaper, I don’t actually dispense medical advice, but report on those who do. And every year, like clockwork, I trot out warnings about the upcoming flu season and recommendations from public health officials. I try to make sure readers know where they can most conveniently get vaccinated against influenza.