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Home Place-Column: Household reluctantly goes on pantry diet

If you were to poll my family at this moment, they would tell you they’re hungry.

Home Place-Hagar: Hey, teacher — leave the kids alone!

It’s taken me a few weeks to recognize why I’m so very mad. Aside from the obvious, I mean.

Local-, Home Place-Navigating holiday traditions in 2nd marriage a tricky waltz

I’m becoming something of an expert on second marriages. On my second marriage, anyway.

Home Place-Column: Family says goodbye to best friend

I carry this little florist card with me lately, tucked into my pocket like a talisman against the stupid tears.

Home Place-Hagar: No kidding: ‘Snow Child’ a ‘delicious’ read

You know I rarely do book reviews. For good reason — my recreational reading time is limited to that very brief span between when I crawl into bed and when I can no longer keep my eyes open.

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Health & Fitness-, Home Place-, Top Stories-Video: Fake month reveals authentic courage

November is “National Diabetes Month.”

Home Place-Column: Angel appears to assist with dearly departed

I accidentally killed Bambi’s little sister a few weeks ago, joining a herd of Oregon drivers who have mowed down wildlife this season.

Home Place-Communication key for developmentally disabled

It’s so good that I did not write this column earlier.

Home Place-Hagar: Pooch’s queenlike attitude is royal pain

We have a food problem at our house. Not that one where the teens leave one spoonful of peanut butter in the jar or two slugs of milk in the jug.

Home Place-Too-sweet toddler takes on new normal

Can I just say something? Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Home Place-The sour truth of a medical crisis

Our family caught a glimpse of the black hell of losing a child this past weekend and we are still breathing hard from running in the opposite direction.

Home Place-Keep kids’ private moments all in the family

Can we all just stop pimping our children? Stop selling them out for “Like” and “Share”? Quit scurrying to gather “views”?

Home Place-Column: Judge rules in favor of responsibility

The possibility of being jailed recently caught my daughter’s attention.

Home Place-Memento curator finally decides the old stuff is history

Let me be very clear — I love history.

Home Place-The big, bad crib adventure and other scary stories

The twinsters are approaching the four-month mark of being Earthlings, if you can believe that.