Pastor column


Pastor Column-Let God reframe your perspective

Perspective is an interesting thing. I read somewhere that the window you choose to look out determines your reality.

Pastor Column-Everyone can know Jesus is the Savior

About a month ago we celebrated Easter. It is natural during the Easter season to turn our thoughts toward the Savior, Jesus Christ — His life and teachings, His resurrection, and His glorious Atonement. However, as the holiday passes, it is all too easy to fall back into complacency regarding our relationship with the Savior.

Pastor Column-Christians emphasize compassion

Among the ancient Greeks and Romans, compassion for the sick and dying was rare. Plato said that the poor man who was too sick to work should be left to die. One Roman philosopher said that you prolong a beggar’s misery if you give him food and drink. For a good 600 years, Romans were entertained by gladiators being stabbed to death in the arenas. The early Christians came into this compassionless culture with surprising acts of mercy.

Pastor Column-God works great changes in us through small things

The refrain of the old hymn, “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” claims that “morning by morning, new mercies I see.” The Biblical reference is Isaiah 50:4, which reads, “Morning by morning, He wakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.”

Pastor Column-, Imported-God uses small things to change us

The refrain of the old hymn, “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” claims that “morning by morning, new mercies I see.” The Biblical reference is Isaiah 50:4, which reads, “Morning by morning, He wakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.”

Pastor Column-What does the resurrection mean?

We live in what is described as a “post-Christian era.” That means the church is no longer relevant and has lost its influence. This is a sad commentary, but I believe the Church can be revived as we look at the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Certainly an increase of hedonism, secularism, relativism and humanism have captivated people’s hearts and minds, but I believe more recent cultural pressures, such as the emphasis on tolerance, political correctness and moral relativity have done more to silence Christians than anything else.

Pastor Column-Things aren't always as they seem

I like to walk in solitude and pray. When we lived in Kansas City, there was a park near our home that was the perfect place to get away from the busyness of life and get alone with God.

Pastor Column-Take time to consider how to live today

Recently many around the world watched a little chimney on the roof of one of the most iconic places of worship in the world, the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. When the smoke came out white, Roman Catholics everywhere knew that they had a new leader. Personally, and I believe I speak for the vast majority of Protestants, I wish Pope Francis well, that he might lead with the grace of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Column-The plumbline is set: It is Jesus, God's Word

The Lord called me into the ministry in June 1988. I was listening to a sermon entitled “Are Ye Able?” God impressed upon my heart to preach His Word. On Jan. 1 1991, I held my first service in Okanogan. I was tested right away on God’s Word, specifically the deity of Jesus Christ. One might think Jesus’ deity is a given in any evangelical church, but wolves in sheep’s clothing can creep in. I studied the Word of God to share the truth of Jesus Christ with them. He is God.

Pastor Column-Genesis reflects Hebrew way of telling stories

When we read Genesis in English, it appears that there are two accounts of creation. Does this seem strange? We have to be careful to look beneath the surface when we study something written 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. Genesis was written in an ancient language, coming from a vastly different time and culture than ours.

Pastor Column-So what would you ask God if you had the chance?

So many readers have shared with me the one question they’d ask God. Thank you! Here’s another selection along with my comments. For the authoritative answers, you’re going to just have to wait for The Boss to get around to you. Q: When I was 5 years old, I was in the family car coming home from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and I saw God in the sky. I would ask God, “Why I was able to see you and what did it mean?” (I’ve never seen Him again.) — D. MG: What did God look like? The problem with all theophanies (experiences of God) is that we never know if they’re hallucinations or the real deal. The deeper problem with your story is that it changes faith from something you believe in and trust in and hope for into something you saw on the way home from the beach. By the way, did you eat a hot dog from a beach vendor before you saw God? Just asking.

Pastor Column-Being a Christian means following Christ

What does it take to be a Christian? Be baptized? Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior? Know something about the Bible? What?

Pastor Column-It's our relationships that matter the most

Through life’s experience, we have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons and truths. If we will listen, can learn these truths from those to whom we’re closest who mean the most to us. It was my father who, just before his death, reminded me of what matters most.

Pastor Column-Between a rock and a hard place? Fear not

Hard places. Everyone travels through hard places in life. I want to help folks understand why hard places still exist in a faith-filled Christian’s life. The wrong perspective makes a hard place a whole lot harder.

Pastor Column-Of God, Darwin and creation

I am both a seminary-trained priest and a graduate school-trained evolutionary biologist. With Charles Darwin’s birthday around the corner (Tuesday), I have been pondering the relationship between science and religion.