POV: Science


POV: Science-, Imported-Losing weight: What works, what doesn't

It’s becoming clear why Weight Watchers dominates the marketplace. I’ve been on the program for three weeks and I’m within one pound of reaching my first goal.

POV: Science-Is loss of weight a gain for health? A resounding maybe

Trailer parks cause tornados or, maybe, they just attract them. I’ve heard that discussion. I humbly suggest that there is a connection between violent weather and fragile homes.

POV: Science-Same simple ingredients, much different results

Go back with me to high school chemistry, the easy part.

POV: Science-‘Pure,’ ‘processed’ can be same

What’s pure and white, besides brides, lilies and the driven snow?

POV: Science-Will wine shield you from cancer? Simple answers elusive

‘A jug of wine, a loaf of bread — and thou.”

POV: Science-Cancer treatments run gamut from hocus-pocus or genuine help

I remember a patient who went to Tijuana for treatment.

POV: Science-'Better safe than sorry' goes to extremes with cancer

Nearly one-third of breast cancer diagnoses are wrong and the system has been faulty for decades.

POV: Science-Tour of colon -- even cancer -- finds causes for hope

A month ago, I asked you to pretend to do colonoscopy.

POV: Science-Limits on mortality can help save lives, too

A discussion about the vicissitudes of aging led a friend of mine to say, “There are three stages of life — youth, middle age and, “You’re looking good.”

POV: Science-Understanding colon cancer: a tour of your innards

At 2 a.m., the floor trembled and the walls rattled. It happened every night at the Kahler.

POV: Science-Government in health care? That barn door's been open awhile

Are Medicare, Medicaid and VA care socialized?

POV: Science-Magazine's hospital rankings not the whole story

An orderly opened a pack of gauze and told the patient to roll over.

POV: Science-Link seen in brains of soldiers, gang members

We were the Thirteen. For those who thought we had a death wish, we sang, “There was blood upon the risers …”