Science Matters


Science Matters-Political pressures twist science to fit agendas

The past two decades have seen ever increasing efforts to distort science in support of one political agenda or another.

Science Matters-Feynman's joy in discovery a lesson for us all

One of the greatest minds and most intriguing personalities of the twentieth century was Richard Feynman.

Science Matters-Feynman's joy in discovery a lesson for us all

One of the greatest minds and most intriguing personalities of the twentieth century was Richard Feynman.

Imported-, Science Matters-What a drag as Olympics gear up

I swim laps at noon several times a week. I enjoy the water, and the gentle exercise is good for my aging joints.Like other old ladies in the pool, I'm no speed demon. Even a bucketful of performance enhancing drugs would not make me slice through the wat

Imported-, Science Matters-Patterns evident in Milky Way, other galaxies

Few things are as awesome as a crystal clear night sky far from city lights.

Imported-, Science Matters-Genes hold keys to diseases, cures

The Human Genome Project, completed in 2003, demonstrated humans have approximately 20,000 genes. How these genes interact with one another and respond to environmental factors goes a long way toward explaining a person's health history.

Imported-, Science Matters-No silver bullet for diverse enemy: cancer

Controlling health care costs is one of the most difficult problems facing society. Because we are often talking about life-and-death decisions for ourselves or our loved ones, we unquestioningly accept that more is better. It is not always the case that

Science Matters-Science valid, even when unpopular

Sadly, science is coming under increasing attack from those who would like the world to be different from what science demonstrates it to be. In doing so, critics attempt to turn one of science's greatest assets into a liability.

Science Matters-SCIENCE MATTERS - Scientific principles explain stability of universe

From the perspective of the very short recorded history of humankind, the world we live in seems pretty stable. Our experience is of a physical existence having constancy and predictability. Why this rather than a universe ruled by wild, chaotic, unpredic

Science Matters-Ecosystems complex, magical webs

We are often reminded of damage we inflict on various ecosystems. Just what are ecosystems?

Science Matters-SCIENCE MATTERS - Science built on observation and experiments

Science is built on experiment and critical observation. Any hypothesis worthy of consideration must allow for, or propose, tests for its validation.However, before investing huge amounts of time and resources on actual, physical experiments, in many inst

Science Matters-Thermodynamics law a window into matter, time

The development of steam engines during the industrial revolution went hand-in-hand with formulation of one of the most powerful laws of physics. The second law of thermodynamics provides insight into everything from the workings of refrigeration systems

Science Matters-Mammals owe origins to reptilian ancestors

Nearly anywhere on Earth you'll find mammals.

Science Matters-Is there anybody out there? We'll almost certainly never know

The possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe has intrigued humans since they first became aware of the vastness of space. Sadly, for science fiction romantics, it is unlikely we will ever have direct evidence we are not alone.

Science Matters-SCIENCE MATTERS - Public must understand nature of energy sources

How energy needs are met in the future will determine the health of our economy and quality of life for generations to come. Understanding the basics can help in understanding issues surrounding energy generation and the consequences of poor choices.There