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Science Matters-SCIENCE MATTERS - Mathematics: Road map of science

Most scientific endeavors require the application of some kind of mathematics. Foremost, it is important for modeling a wide variety of phenomena. And, where observations are quantifiable (measurable), it is used to characterize data.

Science Matters-SCIENCE MATTERS - Math holds keys to greater understanding

A school science project designed to illustrate the solar system might include an assemblage of Styrofoam balls held together by wires. This is, quite literally, a model of the actual solar system in an easily visualized representation.Scientists develop

Science Matters-Light from afar holds secrets of time and distance

Upgrades performed on the Hubble telescope last year are now yielding images of objects that are 13 billion light years away. But how do astronomers know how far away those objects are?

Science Matters-Building blocks of universe got start in the stars

It is awesome to imagine the principal elements making up our bodies, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and a few others, have their origins in the incredibly hot cores of stars.The bulk of the physical universe is composed of basic elements. Ninety-two elements a

Science Matters-Consistency key to understanding of the universe

The universe would seem incomprehensible if knowledge of matter and physical laws was contradictory on vary large and small scales. Hypotheses on the workings of the universe must demonstrate consistency across all scales of size.Understanding the smalles

Science Matters-Unproven treatments give false hope, can prove to be harmful

It is unfortunate the news media and the general public are so vulnerable to sensational claims made by charlatans and undisciplined purveyors of unproven medical practices. I was recently reminded of this by a CBS 60 Minutes program.The story was recou

Science Matters-'Greenhouse gas' complicated, but must be understood

We hear about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. This primarily refers to limiting our generation of carbon dioxide gas by burning fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is the principle "greenhouse gas" contributing to global warming.The story of how