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Simply Digital-Whitman College women open with soccer win

WALLA WALLA — It was a happy beginning for new coach Heather Cato as her Whitman College women's soccer team booted three goals in the final four minutes to roll past Eastern Oregon 5-1 Saturday afternoon in La Grande.Junior Marisol Fonzeca drilled home w

Simply Digital-Black-and-white shooting calls for shift in thinking

As I walk-ed into the classroom for the Vineyard Photography Class at Walla Walla Community College one of the students asked if we would be taking any digital pictures in black-and-white format.

Simply Digital-SIMPLY DIGITAL - Smells can add texture to photos

On this warm Walla Walla summer evening I thought I would ask the first question in the vineyard photography class, "How many students have home gardens?"

Simply Digital-SIMPLY DIGITAL - To get the perfect shot, it helps to have a plan

As I was walking into the Vineyard Photography classroom, I noticed several students huddled together talking, and I overheard one say, "I really wanted to photograph some awesome flowers in the vineyard last weekend, but everything kept blurring."

Simply Digital-SIMPLY DIGITAL - Bug's eye view opens new world of photography

The vineyard photography class at Walla Walla Community College had already been on three field trips to local vineyards and tonight I was eager to have the students explore a passion of mine, the world of macro (close-up) photography.

Simply Digital-SIMPLY DIGITAL - Down time can pay off as chance for preparation

It was raining and as I walked into the classroom at Walla Walla Community College the students seemed to be disheartened knowing our vineyard field trip would be canceled.I knew I had to quickly change the agenda to recapture the students' attention. It

Simply Digital-SIMPLY DIGITAL - Digital spells easier for homemade photo albums

Last week when I was reorganizing our garage I came upon several large boxes of photographs that had been tucked away in the back of one of the cabinets.These were the extra prints left over from years of family activities that did not fit in the family a

Simply Digital-Photographers need to keep size, composition in mind

Inevitably the first two questions I get asked when teaching the vineyard photography class at Walla Walla Community College are, "how do I reduce my digital photographs and how can I compose my pictures better?"It was not so long ago that families bought

Simply Digital-So you got a new digital camera ... now what?

With the cold weather we have been having in Walla Walla it's the perfect time to snuggle up to a warm fireplace with a good book and stay warm. However the odds of that good book you snuggle up with will not be the manual for your digital camera.Based on

Simply Digital-Clearing the fog on freezing days

As the students arrived at the Vineyard Photography class at Walla Walla Community College this week they were bundled up in their heavy winter jackets and layered clothing due to the subfreezing temperatures.Immediately several students wanted to talk ab

Simply Digital-Winery's massive scale a new challenge for students

As the vineyard photography class students assembled at the Institute for Enology & Viticulture parking lot, little did they know the photographic surprise they were in for tonight.After visiting some small and medium-size Walla Walla vineyards the class

Simply Digital-Students full of questions on first vineyard shoot

After spending two lectures focusing on the students' digital cameras, the Walla Walla Community College vineyard photography class was about to embark on its first photo shoot.