Straight Talk


Straight Talk-Q&A: How to turn a child away from pot

This is my last column for a while as I embark on another book-writing adventure. I hope to return to these pages at some point in the future, possibly with a question-and-answer column.

Straight Talk-Emailing the dead

I’ll never forget the moment in Walla Walla’s Green Gables Bed and Breakfast, when William Cope Moyers and I were struggling to find a way to end his memoir, a book we’d been working on for almost three years.

Straight Talk-Young users show wisdom beyond their years

At Trilogy Recovery Community, to quote poet Robert Frost, we “go to school the youth to learn the future.”

Straight Talk-Sometimes, even experts are in denial about addiction

In a world where addiction is associated with “abuse” and addicts are often depicted as morally depraved, physically unfit and mentally unsound, it’s not difficult to figure out why addicted people — and their family members — are in denial.

Straight Talk-Denial keeps stages of alcoholism rolling

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people ask this question of recovering alcoholics: “Are you sure you’re an alcoholic?”

Straight Talk-Column: The worst drug of all is ...

Not so very long ago I met with a group of 9- to 12-year-old children at Trilogy Recovery Community. Trilogy offers a support group for young children involved with dependency cases. Alcohol and other drugs have ripped their families apart, and it helps them to talk openly and honestly with other kids and caring adults.

Straight Talk-Meth: ‘I never thought it would control me’

Ernesto is 17. A few months ago he participated in a recovery support group at the Juvenile Justice Center.

Straight Talk-Movie takes sober look at flight to redemption

We’ve all heard about “the high-functioning alcoholic.” They don’t look like they have a serious, potentially fatal disease.

Straight Talk-The judge with a big heart

‘This guy has a huge heart.”

Straight Talk-No more letters to dead friends

The day before Mother’s Day, just a few weeks ago, I got a phone call from an old friend.

Straight Talk-Memories of first A.A. meeting remain strong

I was so scared my teeth were chattering on a warm spring day in Bellingham, Wash.

Straight Talk-, Imported-Extreme heart, vulnerable heart

“I care too much,” Jeff says. “I worry about everyone. My girlfriend. My mom. My little sisters. I have an extreme heart.”

Straight Talk-You don't have to take abuse of psychological theories

Once upon a time, I thought about calling this column “Mad as Hell.”

Straight Talk-What you can pass down extends beyond your genes

Our children and grandchildren are what we eat.

Straight Talk-Genes set the table for alcohol outcomes

I quoted Shakespeare’s Hamlet in my last column who, after waxing on about “what a piece of work is man,” asks his friend Rosencrantz: “What is this quintessence of dust?”