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Straight Talk-Heritage can hold deep sway in path to addiction

I love genes. I can’t get enough of them.

Straight Talk-Words can work against those fighting addiction

I hate the words. Enable. Enabler. Enabling.

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Straight Talk-Colonel was 'living example of recovery'

The late Mel Schulstad is one of the most beloved figures in the addiction and recovery field. His stories of his own recovery are the stuff of legend.

Straight Talk-Watching out for one another saves us all

Every Tuesday evening at Trilogy Recovery Community’s Family Support Group, we tell stories. “We” includes parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, and family friends.

Straight Talk-Signs on the outside point to choices on the inside

Manuel has two tattoos, one on each shoulder. He pulls aside his orange jumpsuit to show us the words, which are written in a looping script.

Straight Talk-Joe and the trooper: A tale from the road back

On a beautiful September afternoon, my friend Joe Field was driving on Highway 11 headed to Walla Walla from Milton-Freewater.

Straight Talk-Faces changes, but themes constant for kids, drugs

When I need an honest answer about why kids use drugs and how drugs impact their lives, I go straight to the experts — the kids themselves.

Straight Talk-Personal stories drive anti-drug effort

If I’ve learned one essential lesson in more than three decades of my writing career, it’s this: Follow the story. Whenever I get lost, I follow the light of a story and somehow find my way.