Editorial - A time to mourn another mass shooting

Americans have grown inured to mass violence, even when it occurs in settings that are the antithesis of the mindlessness that such violence represents: schools and colleges.

State Senate’s roadshow on education can’t ignore money

A monthlong state Senate roadshow to get citizen input on how best to fully fund basic education could be a great way to focus on the issues that must be addressed by lawmakers.

Op-Ed: Stronger gun laws needed to fix public-health crisis

After Andrew Parker watched his daughter Alison die on live television, he insisted that “it can’t be that hard” for America to act against gun violence. He is right that our task is clear: We must directly confront the law and our culture that have created an intolerable moment in our country’s relationship with guns.

Letter - All rights should be responsibly respected

If we found ourselves beneath a sky raining airplanes piloted by people who had no business behind the yoke and holding a grudge besides, we’d act decisively to figure out a way to keep these wackos from ever piloting aircraft.

Editorial: State high court ruling undercuts spirit of open government

The state Supreme Court might be correct in its ruling that the San Juan County Council did not technically violate the Open Public Meetings Act when some of its members met with county officials and employees. The high court on Thursday said the team of Council members working on an update of the county’s critical areas ordinance did not constitute a committee of and did not act on behalf of the Council.

Editorial - No room for xenophobia in America

A century ago, a prominent sociologist lamented the scourge of immigrants in American society, luridly describing a nation of drunken Poles, doltish Italians who “lack the conveniences for thinking,” morally “warped” Jews, and “inferior” Irish, who, compared with other immigrants, “have twice their share of insanity.”