Editorial: Tougher DUI laws needed in Washington

A state senator is serious in his effort to make it a felony to commit a fourth drunken-driving offense within 10 years. That’s difficult to believe.

Letter - Football and politics in America

Football is more popular than politics. That is rather unfortunate because I have an idea that might just be a way to retire some public debt.

Letter - Send the current pool bond packing

Well here we go again. How are the people who are promoting this renovation of Memorial Pool paying for the signs, stickers on the Union-Bulletin (which I don’t like, and tear off and throw away)? Think about who it is supporting them and where they are getting finances to promote this folly. First of all, education is more important than swimming. Also one of the letters to the editor suggested it be completed by private donations and then charge for those using the pool. The property owners should not be saddled with this project. There is a lot of money in the Walla Walla Valley; tap into these resources before you go to the poor property owners for the money for this bright idea of restoring or repairing this pool. I don’t swim and I don’t care to. Walla Walla does a lot of projects to raise money, not turn to the property owners. Sell bonds, say “no” to the pool bond issue and send this back to the committee to have the property owners to pay for their bright idea and I believe a noose around my neck as a property owner. Too many questions, not enough answers. Send this bond issue packing to the road. Rosey T. Swanson Walla Walla

Pool needed so people can enjoy water

I laughed when I read the letter expressing dismay that people from Waitsburg may use the proposed rehabilitated Walla Walla pool.

Letter - Walla Walla needs a pool

I hear the best swimming hole in the Valley is a few miles downstream from the sewage treatment plant on the Walla Walla River. Every now and then I hear of a teenager breaking his back or neck there jumping off the rocks. No lifeguard. Unsafe swimming conditions. I think we can do better.

Letter - Article needed on what pool proposal will do

Shame on the U-B! Is the newspaper trying to kill the fourth Walla Walla pool election by running the world’s most boring article on Sunday?

Letter - Think neighborhood and think kids (yes on pool)

It is a good thing to be a watchdog as to how taxpayer money is spent. But it is a bad thing to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Letter - Younger generation needs great pool memories

Did you happen to notice four senior citizens riding on the bed of a little red truck in the Walla Walla County Fair parade last summer? They wore old fashioned swimming suits (bathing suits) and waved and hollered at anyone who would listen.

Tease photo

Children of the Fallen: Portraits of Loss

Hundreds of American families are still fighting the war in Afghanistan. But they're fighting it at home.

Fighting to remember, fighting to forget

Hundreds of American families are still fighting the war in Afghanistan. But they're fighting it at home.

Editorial - Double-digit pay raise for state lawmakers is too much

The senators and representatives elected to the state Legislature are in line for an 11.2 percent pay raise over the next two years.