Editorial - US tax code fixes should be permanent

The U.S. tax code should be stable, a document taxpayers (or their accountants) can count on for long-range planning purposes.

Editorial - Yakama Nation’s sacred land should remain closed to public

The Yakama Nation has reason to be upset with the decision by Congress to allow public access to the summit of Rattlesnake Mountain, the tribe’s sacred land.

Editorial - Piecemeal approach to US war vs. ISIS will not work

It’s rare when U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Mars — err, Seattle — takes a political stand we can fully embrace, McDermott is so liberal it’s almost like he is from another planet.

What it means to be American: We’ve hit lowest point in debate

Years ago, I was on a TV pundit panel when the subject of torture came up. It has stayed with me because it was one of those moments when you wonder how much you understand your own country.

Editorial - Social Security officials’ deception needs scrutiny

The Social Security Administration seems to be run by a few disingenuous, irrational knuckleheads.

Editorial - Rural Library District should drop plans for urban library

Now is the time for the Walla Walla Rural Library District board of directors to rethink the wisdom of its plan to build a central library in the Walla Walla-College Place urban area. The concept made no sense when it was proposed two years ago and nothing has changed to justify its construction.

Column: In Seattle, a guy who made unused toilet paper a precious gift

Leon Delong sure wasn’t aiming to become king of an underground empire.