Reader note: Sheriff’s race poll ends 2:09 p.m. Wednesday

The current Union-Bulletin.com poll regarding the Walla Walla County sheriff’s race expires at 2:09 p.m. Wednesday.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hits a (positive) nerve in US

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t make a whole lotta sense when it started. At least to those who didn’t know Pete Frates.

Letter - Cheech, Chong, Alice in Wonderland and Obama

Cheech and Chong once had a cute little skit about a wedding in San Diego attended by several guests from Mexico. After the celebration ended the INS was notified of a large group of illegal immigrants. They were arrested, put on buses and transported back to Mexico. Saved them a bundle.

Column: Mental illness does not mean your life is over

Bipolar is a lifelong illness. Lifelong. Forever.

Here comes Entrepreneur Barbie shattering plastic ceiling

Lego’s groundbreaking female-scientists set sold out almost immediately after it was released this month. But never fear, fans of feminist toys: A new Barbie doll, now in stock, is also shattering the plastic ceiling.

Letter - Adding to ‘Agony and Ecstasy’ article

The article, “Agony and Ecstasy” appearing in the U-B Aug. 8 needs supplementation. Multiple recent scientific studies strongly suggest that the illegal drug, MDMA, Ecstasy, may have real and permanent value when used in conjunction with psychotherapy in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lawmakers have power to cut benefits

Without a doubt it stinks.

Feds’ failed school rules inspire revolt

That educators now must send out a million letters to families here telling them that all of the state’s K-12 schools are failing has got to be the lowest point yet in the drive to reform public education.

Column: Ending the second-term curse

Disillusionment with Washington has rarely run higher. Congress is unable to act even in areas where there is widespread agreement that measures are necessary, such as immigration, infrastructure spending and business tax reform.

Airstrikes against Islamic State will eventually lose effectiveness

In the winter of 1951, President Dwight Eisenhower reluctantly allowed the French army to employ American napalm against the Viet Minh at the Battle of Vinh Yen. The effect was electric. Enemy soldiers were petrified:

Message of compassion is one worth spreading

Scarlett Lewis’ 6-year-old son was among the 20 children murdered by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Letter - So, how does one become a ‘climate scientist?’

The “Climate Matters” column (Perspective Aug. 10) lists the authors as:

Letter - End bombing; support arms embargo

President Obama’s justification for bombing Iraq sounds wonderful: “ ... when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye,” except when you consider the hypocrisy of the situation. Obama is opposed to Muslim terrorists killing innocent civilians in Iraq, but he does nothing to stop the Israeli terrorist government from killing innocent civilians in Palestine.

Letter - Profit maximization keeps economy moving

Ray Norsworthy made some interesting points in his letter published in the Aug. 10 U-B.

Letter - Sadly, money seems to buy elections today

If you compare the recent election results with the U-B article reporting on each candidate’s expenditures on their races you will find in most cases the person spending the most money won the race.