Letter - So, how does one become a ‘climate scientist?’

The “Climate Matters” column (Perspective Aug. 10) lists the authors as:

Letter - End bombing; support arms embargo

President Obama’s justification for bombing Iraq sounds wonderful: “ ... when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye,” except when you consider the hypocrisy of the situation. Obama is opposed to Muslim terrorists killing innocent civilians in Iraq, but he does nothing to stop the Israeli terrorist government from killing innocent civilians in Palestine.

Letter - Profit maximization keeps economy moving

Ray Norsworthy made some interesting points in his letter published in the Aug. 10 U-B.

Letter - Sadly, money seems to buy elections today

If you compare the recent election results with the U-B article reporting on each candidate’s expenditures on their races you will find in most cases the person spending the most money won the race.

Letter - Redskins as mascot not a serious issue

A U-B editorial recently opined that it was time for the Washington Redskins to change the team name since it was a racial epithet.

Letter - C02 concentrations highest in human history

Friends of mine drove to Walla Walla from Richland recently to see Seattle Shakespeare Company’s production of Julius Caesar, featuring an all-female cast.

Letter - Letter on Tom Cooper’s bad knee was disgusting

In reply to the Letter to the Editor, “Can Tom Cooper be sheriff with bad knee?” in the Aug. 10 edition.

Letter - Fixation with CO2 is a distraction

Misguided attempts to regulate CO2 (“Climate — A look at the impacts and solutions to climate change,” U-B Aug. 10, 2014) cause environmental damage, and may precipitate an environmental catastrophe, while distracting us from challenges such as species extinctions, and the need to adapt to the warming we have experienced.

Letter - We can’t leave Iraqis to twist in the wind

I respectfully take issue with your Friday editorial on the war in Iraq. When you invade a country and upset the apple cart, you have a moral obligation to remain and occupy after the hostilities have ceased, not only in the furtherance of your own national interests, but to protect the people you supported or helped to liberate.

Letter - Pledge support for Pioneer Park Aviary

Would you like to visit the Aviary in Pioneer Park in 2014, and in 2114 — 100 years from now?

Letter - Cooper has experience, demeanor to be sheriff

When an incumbent officeholder is challenged in a primary election and fails to gather a majority of votes, the incumbent is rarely re-elected. When an office holder files for re-election, much of the ensuing campaign becomes a referendum on the officeholder.

Letter - Solution to ‘global warming’ ill advised

In a column published in the U-B on Aug. 10, Bart Preecs proposed a solution to stop “global warming.”

Wine, beer tasting welcome at Downtown Farmers Market

Allowing wine and beer to be sampled at Walla Walla’s Downtown Farmers Market is welcome. It adds one more feature to an already successful event every Saturday and Thursday.

Letter - August heat, and where is the public pool?

This recent miserable hot weather has once again highlighted the lack of a community outdoor pool in Walla Walla.

Letter - Liberal tax presentation missed some points

The Aug. 8 Union-Bulletin contained a column by Jerry Wegman regarding tax inversions. Mr. Wegman is a retired professor from the University of Idaho. He calls inversions a tactic by which corporations can avoid paying income taxes to the U.S. government.