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Pre-diabetes a precursor, not a curse

Twenty-six million adults and children have diabetes in the United States and nearly 7 million more are undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

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Muppets get mini-makeover to boost health

Can the popular puppets get kids interested in cauliflower? Yep.

Bert and Ernie jump rope and munch apples and carrots, and Cookie Monster has his namesake treat once a week, not every day. Can a Muppets mini-makeover improve kids’ health, too?

Fitness gadgets raise privacy concerns

Outrage over NSA spying on Americans is nothing compared to how people may react to the upcoming collision with wearable computing, medical privacy and new insurance rules.

Women face higher risk of stroke than men

Stroke is the third-leading cause of death for women.

Yogurt can help collar baby colic

The bane of motherhood since motherhood began, especially for new mothers, has been the inconsolable crying baby.

Study: We’re killing ourselves, sweetly

Americans consume too much sugar, and our collective sweet tooth is killing us.

Weight Loss 101: Clearing the fog of information

It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of what is best, what’s a fad and what is the best plan for you.

Child seats factor into huge decline of car deaths

Motor vehicle crash deaths among children 12 and younger decreased nationwide by 43 percent from 2002-2011.

Researchers get a grip on bionic hand that can feel

European researchers created a robotic hand that lets an amputee feel differences between a bottle, a baseball and a Mandarin orange.

Study finds why some vitamin supplements might be risky

WASHINGTON — Antioxidant vitamins are widely assumed to be cancer fighters even though research in smokers has found high doses may actually raise their risk of tumors.

New rule lets patients get test results directly from labs

WASHINGTON — Patients may obtain their test results directly from the laboratory that produced them.

Female athlete triad not a team you want be on

Organized sports are a great way for young women to build confidence, stay active and healthy, and create strong friendships. However, overemphasis on winning and the ideal body type for a specific sport can place young women at risk for the female athlete triad.

Study: Obesity risk set early

Those efforts to fight obesity in schools? Think younger.

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Grow your own herbal tea in the garden

As craft and organic tea seeps into the mainstream, tea gardens are becoming a popular way for brew lovers to bypass the store and enjoy the benefits of herbal tea without additives or preservatives.

Tips from a lifer gym rat

The new year has come. Goals are set, fresh veggies fill the fridge, processed food no longer sits on the shelf, gym memberships are renewed and new workout gear is purchased.