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Researchers find blood test that may indicate suicide risk

A simple blood test could determine a person’s risk of suicide and provide a future tool of prevention to lower suicide rates.

Study finds huge differences in costs of simple tests

Imagine walking into a hospital and being charged more than $10,000 for a blood test to check your cholesterol level. And going to another hospital in the same state and being charged $10 for the exact same blood test. That’s what a team led by a University of California San Francisco researcher found when it looked at the prices California hospitals charge for 10 common blood tests.

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Red Badge Project writes new story for veteran recovery

WALLA WALLA — When Tom Skerritt decided to take his show on the road, Walla Walla was the natural choice.

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Ex-Walla Walla educator gains national attention for fitness fight

SPOKANE — Irene Gonzales did her milestone 50th birthday so big she landed on NBC’s “Today” show Aug. 8 to share her infectious enthusiasm with the entire country.

Schizophrenia program targets youths before psychotic episodes

EUGENE, Ore. — The first time Jeremy Clark met his 18-year-old client, the teenager was sitting in his vice principal’s office, the drawstrings of his black hoodie pulled tight.

Exercise can help beat back diagnosis bully

Demons are real. I’m not talking about the “hide-under-your-bed, scary-movie, chase-you-in-your-dreams demons.” I’m talking about demons that have real names, like cancer, multiple sclerosis, ALS, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s and others.

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Who knew? Coffee may be good for the eyes too

My day starts with coffee. I’m too cheap to buy it by the cup from baristas, so I just brew my own Folgers by the pot.

Handle your kids’ wiggly baby teeth with kid gloves

I know it can be tough to see a kid with a wiggly baby tooth that is extremely loose. It seems a good sneeze would knock the tooth out, but the child just won’t pull it.

British study connects vitamin D to brain health

People with moderate to severe vitamin D deficiencies are significantly more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia than those who have an adequate supply of the vitamin in their body, a new study has found.

Sense of smell fades with age

While our taste buds are one of the few things that hold up fairly well as we age, our sense of smell is what contributes most of what we think of as flavor — herbs and spices, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, wine. And that sense falls apart.

Science: Sorry, you can’t expect me to tell the truth when I’m too tired

Do you consider yourself an ethical person? Chances are you answered “yes,” but new research suggests that our ability to act honestly in a given situation is dependent, in part, on the time of day. A study forthcoming in the journal Psychological Science finds that early-risers, or “larks,” are more likely to act dishonestly in the late evening hours. Night-owls, on the other hand, exhibit a tendency toward ethical lapses early in the morning.

‘Love Your Belly’ belly dancing course commences Wednesday

Love Your Belly, an eight-week course in belly dance aimed at strengthening and developing core muscles, will start 7 p.m. Wednesday at 23½ Spokane St.

Team registration on now for Alzheimer’s fundraising walk

WALLA WALLA — Team registration is available now for the Walk To End Alzheimer’s fundraiser to be held 2 p.m. Sept. 21 at Fort Walla Walla Park in Walla Walla.

Oncologist, neurologist to open practices at Providence

WALLA WALLA — Two specialists are opening practices at Providence Medical Group in August.

Fitness tracking technology has ups and downs

I have a new friend. ‘Buddy’ has been with me every day for about a month.