Endorsements 2012


Watkins has slight edge over Kelley in auditor race

Watkins is our choice because of his experience in business and with performance audits.

State Auditor Brian Sonntag has been an outstanding state auditor for Washington.

Reagan Dunn is choice for attorney general

The two candidates for state attorney general are extremely well-qualified. Voters can’t go wrong electing Democrat Bob Ferguson or Republican Reagan Dunn.

Time for state to adopt charter schools

Charter schools under Initiative 1240 would provide options for students whose needs are not met by traditional schools.

The top priority of most citizens in Washington state is to improve education. It’s the right priority.

Voters should affirm gay marriage law

Approving Referendum 74 would allow gays to continue to obtain state civil marriage licenses. It does not force churces to perform gay marriage.

We have consistently taken strong stands in favor of gay rights and, specifically, efforts to ensure homosexuals are not discriminated against. We have also been advocates for committed same-sex couples to have the same legal protections and benefits of committed heterosexual couples.

Voters should OK reduction of state debt limit

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution 8221’s ballot title reads more like the fine print on a loan.

Don't make marijuana legal in state

Marijuana is illegal under federal law. That won't change if Initiative to the Legislature 502 is approved.

Legalizing marijuana in Washington state is a bad idea. We urge voters to reject Initiative to the Legislature 502.

Voters should renew two-thirds majority for tax increases

Initiative 1185 essentially stops the Legislature from overriding the tax-increase requirement for two years.

We have historically opposed initiative activist Tim Eyman’s efforts to handcuff the Legislature’s ability to govern. We saw them as unnecessary in a representative government where lawmakers are elected to carry out the will of the people.


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