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Touchet students participate in national reading project

The national goal was Strive for Five Million, and participants across the country got very close, with 4,987,949 quizzes in one day.

Library embodies Whitman alumna's love of books

Whitman College graduate Jamie Soukup Reid, who was 25 when she died in a car crash in North Carolina last year, led an enthusiastic life energized by a lifetime immersion in books.

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Sharpstein students start Wednesdays with music

Performing duo “Torch & Burn” reunited for a special festival-seating performance one recent Wednesday morning.

Host families sought for exchange students

Plans to host new AFS students are in the works for the 2014-15 academic year and host families are new being sought, according to Darcy Dauble, WW Valley AFS chapter coordinator.

Local dance group raising funds to stage show

SuitCase Dances needs contributions to bring original dance theater to Walla Walla, according to Peter de Grasse, Vicki Lloid, Raffaele Exiana, artistic directors.

Quistberg receives nutrition manager state award

The Washington state Louise Sublet Award of Excellence for nutrition managers went to Jeanna Quistberg, the person in that post at Green Park Elementary.

Public school kids taste-test garbanzo beans via Farm-to-School program

The Farm-to-School Program is all about garbanzo beans this month, said Coordinator Beth Thiel.

Janice Anhorn nominated for state award

Seattle CityClub recognizes community leaders through Washington state’s Jefferson Awards.

Visiting Japanese welcomed to WW for 2-week visit

Host families, friends and other members of the Walla Walla-Sasayama Sister City Affiliation Committee greeted 15 students from Sasayama, Japan, on Saturday at the Walla Walla Regional Airport.

Local Exchangeites to host district convention

Northwest District Exchange Clubs will visit Walla Walla for the annual convention May 31-June 1, coordinated by Tracy Shrouf, convention chairwoman, and Brian Dohe, District president-elect.

WW woman graduates with honors from Whitworth

Kendra Ann Greenwood of Walla Walla earned a bachelor of science degree in nursing, cum laude, from Whitworth University in Spokane.

Exhibit of SoupPort bowls coming up at Carnegie

Helpline’s SoupPort fundraiser is just around the proverbial corner. Mid-April to be exact.

A cappella Boots ’n’ Cats group a purrfect fit at regionals

Say “boots ’n’ cats ’n’ boots ’n’ cats” while emphasizing the consonants and you will begin to approximate sounds produced when beat boxing or vocalizing percussion sounds.

Pheasants Forever members get surprise with planting tarp

Imagine their surprise when, in the midst of preservation work, members of Blue Mountain Pheasants Forever Chapter 258 unrolled a planting tarp March 22 they thought would be 120 feet long. When unfurling it at the Sudbury elevator site, it rolled out to 177 feet, said project coordinator Larry Boe. So, John Houston, Jim Sonne, Carl Bisgard, Dan Eveland, Bud Jones, Ed Crain, Gary Benson, Randy Snyder, Ron Porter and Larry dug 374 feet of trench to secure it and planted 58 juniper. Saturday volunteers will plant elderberry and roses at 10 a.m. as part of their conservation efforts.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance support group starting in Kennewick

Bob Fairchild of College Place said a Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance support group is starting in Kennewick.

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