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Panorama - Winter sports heat up the gym

Now’s the time of year when communities everywhere, especially here in the Walla Walla Valley, prepare to spend another winter inside their school gymnasiums supporting the local basketball teams and wrestlers.

Panorama - From plate to pixels

There it was, all plated up and nowhere to go ... except center stage, that is.

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Panorama - Playing with light

A group of local schoolkids last month shed some light on an after-school program that took place in the dark of Pioneer Park.

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What’s old becomes new and still rocks

Early this spring son Nick Emigh and I restored some oak rocking chairs at my antiques shop. These chairs were made by noted Arts and Crafts-era furniture manufacturer Charles Limbert Company of Grand Rapids and Holland, Mich.

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Panorama - Dog Days of Autumn

For some, sheepdog trials are a fun way to blow off steam for hard working sheepdogs and their owners. For others, it’s a way of life. And for others, it’s a fun hobby that lets energetic dogs get their yips out.

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Pano - CPHS: Education with open space and glass

Lunch time on Monday in a busy College Place High School commons saw plenty of students ready to throw compliments over all the glass in their brand-new school.

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Professor: Historic outhouses underappreciated in Southwest

At a time when life could be harsh in the American Southwest, outhouses served more than one important role. They provided structure, protected water resources and created important social norms, a New Mexico professor says.

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Panorama - Gary Rittenbach is running with the best

Go here and you’ll find the name of Gary Rittenbach, 64, Walla Walla University’s director of academic computing, among an exclusive list of the world’s marathon runners.

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Panorama - Walla Walla’s own wildland firefighters

Firefighters with Lone Wolf and Scholl Fire & Fuels Management, Inc., both based in Walla Walla, were among the more than 1,000 personnel who put themselves on the line for the Blue Creek Fire, which broke out July 20.

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Panorama - Bringing home a high-flying passion

Wade may be guilty of flying without cause herself. The 34 year-old Walla Walla native loves being in the air more than anywhere else.

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Panorama - Tiny racers take to the track

The Xtreme R/C Club of Walla Walla hosted the Northwest Championship Tour R/C off-road racing championships at Fort Walla Walla August 22 and 23, where 165 competitors entered to race their remote-controlled cars.

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Panorama - Visions of a harvest

The farmers in Walla Walla county are nearly finished with harvesting their crops, if not already complete.

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Panorama - Walla Walla Extravaganzas

Three of the largest events ever held in Walla Walla were historic pageants produced by thousands of area residents in the 1920s and ’30s.

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Panorama - A bounty of blueberries

From backyards to breakfast muffins, blueberries are great treats for bakers and gardeners.

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Panorama - Gentlemen of the trail

It was a six-day ride from Spokane to Walla Walla over portions of the old Mullan Trail, with three pack mules carrying some 7,000 pieces of mail in six locked pouches.


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