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DeSales Challenger program a touchdown with special-needs children

Most kids can only dream about scoring a touchdown while the crowd goes wild.

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Walla Walla Corn Maze celebrates 15 years of befuddling visitors

Six and two-thirds acres of Halloween fun and fright are in action once again.

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Extreme gun control

When Andy Porter and I received an invitation to attend a defensive handgun training class at Paratus Northwest, we nearly broke our journalistic training and jumped at the chance. Instead, we merely politely accepted.

Study: Social media users shy away from voicing opinions

People who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely than others to share their opinions on hot-button issues, even when they are offline, according to a surprising new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Seniors learn 'Parkour,' sport of daredevil youths

On a recent morning in London, Lara Thomson practiced spinning on benches, swinging from metal bars and balancing off raised ledges — all elements of a daredevil discipline known as “parkour.”

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Historic Preservation Commission works to secure local history

It isn’t often that members of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission oppose demolitions. And it’s rarer for the commission to oppose two demolitions as the same time, which is the current situation.

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Top 'o the Blues

A hike to the highest point in the Washington section of the Blue Mountains proves a little tougher than expected.

UMATILLA NATIONAL FOREST — Easy, they said. A perfect hike for kids and first-timers. Those were the words that suckered me into hiking to Oregon Butte on a recent Sunday, camera, lenses, tripod and other assorted goodies in tow.

Woman unearths past of forgotten Indian cemetery

A dusty, barren field in the shadow of a busy Arizona interstate was for decades a place where children played freely, teenagers spooked themselves on Halloween and locals dumped trash, seemingly unaware of the history beneath them.

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A pretty fair workload

Work crews, board members and volunteers at the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days are in the throes of living this year’s theme.

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Imagination trumps challenges at Camp Meadowood Springs

At Camp Meadowood Springs, you can watch “Tony Stark” escape shark-infested waters via a rope line while “Dumbledore” cheers him on.

Senior Centers - 8/3/14

Activities and weekly lunch menus at area senior centers

At 101, weather observer gets a place in the sun

It takes only a couple of minutes, twice a day, but 101-year-old Richard Hendrickson is fiercely proud that he has done the same thing for his country and community nearly every day since Herbert Hoover was in the White House in 1930.

Heat rash hard to escape aspect of summer

Your rash may be coming from two hard-to-escape realities of summer: heat and sun.

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Fishing invasive carp with bow and arrow

I could hardly see the muddy-orange fish in the corner of my eye as I began to retrieve my line as quickly as I could, hoping the fish would stay put.

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A gift of light and color

A two-tier blown-glass chandelier created by world-renowned Seattle glass artist Dale Chihuly now graces Whitman College’s Reid Campus Center.

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