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Even successful mushroom hunts can yield slim pickings

You could say even the worst day mushroom hunting is better than the best day working. That being said, this mushroom hunting season is proving to be one of the worst in quite some time for wild morel mushroom hunters. “The trouble is we are just finding one here or there. If it were any scarcer than this, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble,” mushroom expert Paul Miller said, as he stopped to pick a single black morel from the ground.

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On Broadway

Another opening, another show. Any chance we get.

Church bulletin - 5/19/13

Church bulletin for May 19.

Church bulletin - 5/12/13

First Presbyterian to hold meeting of church secretaries WALLA WALLA — First Presbyterian Church of Walla Walla, 325 S. First Ave., will hold a get acquainted meeting for local area church secretaries at noon Wednesday.

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Weekend Warriors

Holding regular lives Monday through Friday and ranging in age from 19 to 51, fooball lives on for this Elite group of Weekend Warriors.

For Jeff Knowles, playing football is about camaraderie The 27-year-old co-owner of the minor league Waitsburg Elite said he loves spending his Saturdays on the field. “I just look forward to the adrenaline every Saturday, and the camaraderie of getting a great group of guys,” he said. “I feel like it’s kind of like the camaraderie of military men, when you’re taking risks together and fighting together.”

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Going West with a nifty 50 mm

We are very curious creatures. We take the world apart to see how it works. We build, destroy, rebuild, make it better, make it worse. We jump –with parachutes – out of perfectly good airplanes.

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A shot at a dream

For many men, sitting around a gun store all day would be a dream come true. Gun store owner Jeff Pierce, on the other hand, would rather devote his time to designing and building guns. “Retail wasn’t really my focus,” Pierce said in a recent interview at his store. “It (is) necessary to do the other parts.”

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The sound of fitness

It was hard to say which was louder, the crash of barbells hitting the floor or the hard rock music pounding the air. Both were part of the picture at a recent workout session in the CrossFit gym in Walla Walla, one of two now open in the area. (The second is in College Place.) This evening’s group was a diverse lot, men and women ranging from college age to slightly graying. But all had one thing in common, intensity.

So it's not the season for fruit? Grow it anyway

You,” said the doctor to the patient, “are in terrible shape. You’ve got to do something about it.

Priest who aided Korean War POWs awarded Medal of Honor

They are all in their 80s now — these former POWs during the Korean War.

Unmarked Oregon graves get headstones 100 years later

PORTLAND — None of the people gathered knew the two whose names were etched on the gravestones.

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Camas Prairie Handicap trap shoot fills a weekend with hot shots

Trap shooters from the Northwest and beyond descended upon the Walla Walla Gun Club near the end of March for the Camas Prairie Handicap trap shoot. About 210 shooters from as far away as Pennsylvania attended the three-day trap-shooting festivities March 22-24. The Ha

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Sharing the slopes

A new community partnership has brought the thrill and excitement of winter sports to underserved youths in Walla Walla. Over the last several weeks, close to 20 students have traveled to Ski Bluewood to experience skiing and snowboarding, almost all for the first time. The program came together through the efforts of SOS Outreach, Ski Bluewood and local youth agencies. SOS Outreach is a nonprofit serving underserved youths and teens through outdoor and adventure programs. SOS Outreach is a national group that has worked in the state for years, but with Ski Bluewood for the first time this year.

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Paths well-traveled

TOLLGATE — “It was intense. We didn’t even have a trail. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into,” Lisa Matiaco said, remembering that first hike for the Walla Walla Hiking club. The she added, “It was awesome.” Club leader Joe Jacobs admits the inaugural hike was a challenge. “Juniper Dunes was kind of tough. It was a little overly ambitious where we wanted to go because I wanted to get back to where the old growth junipers were. And when you are hiking in sand dunes, it looks like there is no elevation, but you are going up the dunes and down the dunes,” Jacobs said.

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History of Wa-Hi's growing pains

Building and upgrading a high school for local students have been mired in periods of controversy from when their foundations were laid the year of statehood. “Walla Walla High School was begun in 1889 over the protests of numerous citizens,” according to a history published by Wa-Hi students in the mid-1970s. The issue was settled when a local judge decided the community could establish a Department of Secondary Education. Twelve teens met three times a day at a local grade school to study three subjects.

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