Panorama - For the LOVE of cooking

With ‘February for Foodies’ in full swing, the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center hosted 15 couples for a cooking class on Valentine’s Day.

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Photos - The mighty camera of Minnie Moe

Hanging from a limb at the top of an 1,100-foot cliff, Minnie Moe snapped the photograph she had promised her friends.

‘Still Alice’ highlights hidden toll of Alzheimer’s

Her performance as a vibrant woman fading into the darkness of Alzheimer’s is doing more than earning awards for actress Julianne Moore. The movie “Still Alice” is raising awareness of a disease too often suffered in isolation, even if the Hollywood face is younger than the typical real-life patient.

Southern town divided by echoes of divided past

Along Main Street in a small South Carolina city, there is war memorial honoring fallen World War I and II soldiers, dividing them into two categories: “white” and “colored.”

Tugboat adventures on the Snake River

There are many ways to look at the Snake River, but the view from a tugboat’s wheelhouse is one of the better ones.

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Walla Walla nursery nurtures succulent dreams

It started as a seed of indulgence, Kim Hoskins-Hinchey recently recalled.

Column - For owners, it’s a new year at Shady Lawn Antiques

January marks the beginning of the New Year at Shady Lawn Antiques, but it hasn’t always been so.

It’s no puzzle why ‘escape room’ adventures are popular

The name of the game is “Escape Room” — a literal description for a complicated endeavor. A team of people sign up to be locked in a room, and they must find clues and solve puzzles to complete a given mission and find the key to escape.

Too much work? Let the Internet do it for you

The Internet has heard your entreaties for services on demand, and has answered them with apps and websites designed to make your life easier, by finding people who can do things for you.

Seniors lose some tax breaks, but find others

You’ve downsized to an apartment, the kids are long gone, and you’re no longer eligible for some of the deductions and exemptions that had helped you lower your tax bill.

Just don’t call me old: Baby boomers wage a war on words

Ecumen CEO Kathryn Roberts has a peculiar habit when she calls a staff meeting. She sets a jar in the middle of the table, and anyone who says the “F-word” has to pony up a quarter.

Former surfer, now quadriplegic’s advice: Never give up

Ron Heagy Jr. of Millersburg, Ore., used to think he had problems.

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To sea in Darwin’s Galápagos Islands

After we pollywogs — those yet to cross the equator — became zero-degree latitude-passing-over shellbacks, we limboed on our ship’s deck just forward of the bridge to mark the occasion at the nose of seahorse-shaped Isabela Island in the Galápagos.

Football and frostbite: remembering the '67 Ice Bowl

Frozen memories, for sure. Frostbite memories, even. In the history of NFL games, none stands out for the brutal conditions in which it was played like the NFC championship on the last day of 1967. Simply dubbed the Ice Bowl, those who participated in Cowboys-Packers that day at Lambeau Field still shiver when talking about it.

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Christmas decorations light up Valley's life

By the 1960s, people throughout the country started outlining their homes with lights. The dazzling public displays — albeit somewhat tacky by today’s standards — were highlights for me growing up here during those years.

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