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The madness of March

While NCAA basketball moves towad the Final Four, local teams — and their fans — have wrapped up their own tournament life.

A championship tournament is like a mythical beast. It shimmers, shakes and flies. It rumbles with hundreds of stomping feet and clapping hands. Its voice roars.

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An education for the long haul

In a 20-minute video available online, commercial truck-driving instructor Steve Harvey demonstrates the pretrip inspection that is part of the requirement to getting a commercial driver’s license in Washington state. For each of those 20 minutes, Harvey takes the viewer through the meticulous work required of commercial truck drivers, from checking lights, tires, air pressure, brakes, clutch, valves, hoses and more than 100 other details required to pass. And that’s all before students test behind the wheel.

It's our relationships that matter the most

Through life’s experience, we have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons and truths. If we will listen, can learn these truths from those to whom we’re closest who mean the most to us.

'Mother Nature' can't hold a candle to God

Q: The term “Mother Nature” is used a lot. We hear about Mother Nature’s fury, Mother Nature’s wrath, or Mother Nature “throwing everything at us.” Isn’t God in control of the weather? Where did Mother Nature come from and why the feminine angle? Curious minds want to know! — R., Dix Hills, NY, via my personal e-mail. (Hey, the guy is president of my synagogue!)

Between a rock and a hard place? Fear not

Hard places. Everyone travels through hard places in life. I want to help folks understand why hard places still exist in a faith-filled Christian’s life. The wrong perspective makes a hard place a whole lot harder.

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Raptors on the Roll

Birds of prey take to the air to clear the skies of invasive species.

There are Reservoir Dogs and then there are landfill falcons. One is the title of a Quentin Tarantino film, while the other is being looked at as a way to help control unwanted residents at the city of Walla Walla’s Sudbury Landfill.

Even dealing with dementia, there are still reasons to smile

Alzheimer’s disease is the pits. Yet, even in the midst of all the pain, frustration and anger, there is sometimes the funny. Oh sure, the humor isn’t the hilarious, laugh-out-loud kind, but it certainly can make you smile or relieve the mundane that is so much of a caregiver’s world. It’s OK to find the funny in your situation.

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A short run: Winter

As we head into the last full month of winter, it’s a good time to look back at what we’ll soon be missing.

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Beginning at the end

Tony Pugliese’s work begins when that of other people comes to an end.

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300 and counting

WALLA WALLA — Bobbi Hazeltine’s career as the women’s basketball coach at Walla Walla Community College speaks for itself.

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Express yourself

Stated clearly, communication is a fuzzy subject.

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New images of an old flood

The local photo archive project Bygone Walla walla has turned up a new set of photos from the flood of 1931.

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Where's winter

As far as the weather goes, a more typical cold January is predicted for the next few days.

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