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Big screen, big vision

They might not be fancy, red-carpet movie premieres, but they feel that special to the dozens of guests who routinely attend outdoor screenings of family friendly fare at Marty and Susan Huie’s outdoor theater.

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Radio-controlled fun

Fans flock to Walla Walla Valley R/C clubs.

In the history of aeronautics, sibling teams cast a long shadow.

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Winter hit with a vengeance over Monday night and into Tuesday.

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At Northstar, blending experience taken to a new level

The table setting at the Northstar Blending Experience is a cross between “Downton Abbey” and a chemistry lab.

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When fall falls

When it comes to leaves, what goes down must come up. As many homeowners and anyone who parks underneath a tree these days can attest, the leaves are falling. This leads to leaf blowers roaring, rakes being unlimbered and the annual appearance of “the claw.”

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Tourists of History

A granddaughter inspires a tour of WWII history throughout Europe

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Rolling out LARGE prints!

On Oct. 26, 13 Whitman College art students had a chance to work with one of the largest printing presses ever devised, though this press was originally invented for a completely different purpose. “It is unusual for students to work on something that big,” assistant professor of art Nicole Pietrantoni said

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Halloween horror, or happy Halloween

Halloween décor, from lighthearted and whimsical to dark and foreboding

Firmly embedded in religious roots, Halloween for centuries has been associated with celebrations and festivals of the dead.

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Dayton whodunit mixes history, food and fun

Participating in murder and mystery at Dayton's Weinhard Hotel.

Being accused of murder was not originally on my weekend to-do list.

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Soccer before sunrise

Garrison students trickle into the locker room at 6:30 a.m., wipe the sleep from their eyes, and lace up their bright pink and electric yellow indoor soccer shoes. They sport the jerseys of Real Madrid, Barcelona and other professional teams hoping to dribble past opponents and score a goal All this before breakfast is served in the school cafeteria.

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The Way of the Archer

Mastering the bo takes the right techniques and a lot of practice.

Few weapons are older than the bow and arrow. The list includes the spear, atlatl, large rocks and the pointed insult. Despite its ancient origins, archery still manages to captivate the modern psyche like few weapons can, evidenced by the bow’s continued presence in film and fiction. It isn’t hard to name movies with a major archery component — “Killing Season,” “The Avengers,” “Hunger Games,” “Rambo,” “Avatar” and a quiver full of others, including myriad incarnations of Robin Hood.

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Family steeped in WSU lore, Beth Swanson was bound to be a ... Super Coug

WALLA WALLA — Attending Washington State University football games for Walla Wallan Beth Swanson has held a special significance for the past few years.

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Lifesaving flights front and center for air ambulance service

PENDLETON — We don’t think about emergency medical transportation until the very moment we need it, other than pulling over to the side of the street at sirens blaring behind us. Or looking up as a helicopter whirs overhead.

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Where time flies: Photographer bids farewell

I did not become a photojournalist. It became me.

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Force of Nature

The Storm — By Emily Dickinson, 1896 There came a wind like a bugle; It quivered through the grass, And a green chill upon the heat So ominous did pass We barred the windows and the doors As from an emerald ghost; The doom’s electric moccasin That very instant passed. On a strange mob of panting trees, And fences fled away, And rivers where the houses ran The living looked that day. The bell within the steeple wild The flying tidings whirled. How much can come And much can go, And yet abide the world!

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