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Imagination trumps challenges at Camp Meadowood Springs

At Camp Meadowood Springs, you can watch “Tony Stark” escape shark-infested waters via a rope line while “Dumbledore” cheers him on.

Senior Centers - 8/3/14

Activities and weekly lunch menus at area senior centers

At 101, weather observer gets a place in the sun

It takes only a couple of minutes, twice a day, but 101-year-old Richard Hendrickson is fiercely proud that he has done the same thing for his country and community nearly every day since Herbert Hoover was in the White House in 1930.

Heat rash hard to escape aspect of summer

Your rash may be coming from two hard-to-escape realities of summer: heat and sun.

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Fishing invasive carp with bow and arrow

I could hardly see the muddy-orange fish in the corner of my eye as I began to retrieve my line as quickly as I could, hoping the fish would stay put.

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A gift of light and color

A two-tier blown-glass chandelier created by world-renowned Seattle glass artist Dale Chihuly now graces Whitman College’s Reid Campus Center.

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Forged in fire — steeped in tradition

Blacksmith Ben Czyhold has spent almost a decade perfecting a vanishing art.

Ben Czyhold looks the part, at least. Sporting a long beard, an anvil on his belt buckle and the rough hands of a man who uses them to make a living, Cyzhold has spent almost a decade honing a craft that is almost on the verge of slipping into the annals of history: blacksmithing.

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Riding the Valley Transit system a social experience

Walla Walla Valley Transit has been a community staple since it was founded in 1979.

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Prescott Park, a community effort

Gentleman’s store, sweet shop, burned-out lot: the space next door to the Prescott Library on D Street has been many things in the town’s 150-year history.

Milton-Freewater's Opera House is undergoing restoration

MILTON-FREEWATER — Behind curtained scaffolding, single-paned windows and bricks patinated with decades of exposure, a timeworn lady sits, waiting for another chance to be useful in her community.

Kirkman House Museum: Wedding days past

WALLA WALLA — Twelve decades of tying the knot is the latest exhibit at the Kirkman House Museum.

Dam’s new laser show worth the wait

It’s 10 p.m. on May 24 and the concrete bleachers built to hold 1,000 people at the Grand Coulee Dam visitor center are nearly full.

Taking in Broadway

I can’t wait until next Sunday’s presentation of the Tony Awards, the most prestigious honors bestowed upon Broadway productions.

A case of the She-bee Jeebies

The Venns were most definitely keeping a lid on this action, for they were sharing their ride back to Prescott with thousands of spring honeybees they plucked, coaxed and stroked out of a Walla Walla backyard.

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