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First Congregational Church celebrates its sesquicentennial

As the American Civil War took its bloody toll in the East, out West in Walla Walla, steps were being taken to form a local Congregational Church dedicated to faith and service to mankind. The Rev. Peasley Chamberlain, the church’s first minister, wrote that he was somehow drawn to the Valley.

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Saving Lincoln

WALLA WALLA — Built in 1927, Paine Elementary School, also known as Lincoln High School, was a good representation of schools of the era. The brick work and fenestration (design and placement of windows and doors) contain appealing elements of neoclassical architecture, according to a 2013 Lincoln Alternative High School Report that studied the feasibility of keeping the structure.

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Fan-demonium: Sports fans demonstrate their enthusiasm

Gotta love those wild and crazy sports fans.

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Wildhorse fireworks burn away worries of rain

The rain clouds that had hugged the Blue Mountain all afternoon had finally moseyed over to Wildhorse Resort & Casino, bringing healthy gusts. But that wasn’t about to stop master pyrotechnician and Homeland Fireworks owner Bruce Lawson from creating another special fireworks extravaganza for the resort’s 19th anniversary on March 8.

Alzheimer’s buddy program pairs patients, students

In the program, first-year students are matched with patients, based on common interests.

CHICAGO — At age 80, retired Chicago physician and educator Dan Winship is getting a bittersweet last chance to teach about medicine — only this time he’s the subject. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, Winship is giving a young medical student a close-up look at a devastating illness affecting millions of patients worldwide.

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Walla Walla Wide: A collection of panoramic views

Panoramic photographs of the beautiful Walla Walla Valley.

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Bluewood Ski Patrol fills many roles

Patrolling the slopes, from upkeep to rescue

They work in Kennewick, Walla Walla and Lewiston as firefighters, EMTs and even teachers, then spend their weekends patrolling the slopes outside of Dayton.

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A fly for any occasion

Dale McKain's techniques for fly-tying are as varied as the insects his flies represent.

“Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers,” Patrick McManus wrote in “Never Sniff a Gift Fish.” “Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher’s salary.” In Dale McKain’s case, it wasn’t lack of funds that drove him tying flies for fishing, it was a lack of access.

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Visions of the future

A tour of Walla Walla’s public schools reveals a district with forward-looking programs, but outdated facilities.

WALLA WALLA — Despite the floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall, the physics lab at Walla Walla High School is underlit. Bundles of wires and powerstrips dangle from the room’s computers and the six lab tables in the middle of the room leave little room for anything else.

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Circus love

Lizzy Harvey shares her love for circus arts to instill confidence and self-trust in youths.

WALLA WALLA — Evelyn Sisk, or “Evi,” could not be more clear why she’s enrolled in Walla Walla Parks and Recreation’s “Circus Arts” class. “I was really interested in the circus,” the 9 year-old explained. “I wanted to be interactive with people older than me … and I really wanted to learn to do flips.”

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United we stand

Walla Walla exudes community pride

Unity has defined our country since we stood up in arms against England and became our own nation.

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Major makeover

In a building stripped bare and completely redone, the Misbehaven Spa & Salon has a whole new look

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Seahawks pride!!!

Hawks fans show their team pride before the NFC Championship.

WALLA WALLA — Local nail techs have had a busy week laying down the colors of College Navy, Action Green and Wolf Grey, which are also the Seattle Seahawks’ official colors.

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Big screen, big vision

They might not be fancy, red-carpet movie premieres, but they feel that special to the dozens of guests who routinely attend outdoor screenings of family friendly fare at Marty and Susan Huie’s outdoor theater.

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Radio-controlled fun

Fans flock to Walla Walla Valley R/C clubs.

In the history of aeronautics, sibling teams cast a long shadow.

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