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New Malaysia plane search area turns up objects

PERTH, Australia — Australian officials moved the search area for the lost Malaysian jetliner 680 miles to the northeast Friday following a new analysis of radar data, and planes quickly found multiple objects in the new zone.

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GOP pushes for answers on bird deaths at wind farms

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is refusing to turn over documents related to enforcement of environmental laws at wind farms where dozens of eagles and other protected birds have been killed, House Republicans charged Wednesday.

Unanimous Supreme Court bolsters domestic-violence gun ban

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously bolstered the federal law that bars those convicted of domestic violence from possessing a firearm.

U.S. Supreme Court considers extent of corporations' religious rights in Hobby Lobby case

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court justices are weighing whether corporations have religious rights that exempt them from part of the new health care law that requires coverage of birth control for employees at no extra charge.

Common Core spawns widespread political fights

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — More than five years after U.S. governors began a bipartisan effort to set new standards in American schools, the Common Core initiative has morphed into a political tempest fueling division among Republicans.

Millions of kids to test new education assessments

WASHINGTON— What’s on the new Common Core-based exams? More than 4 million kids in U.S. schools soon will have a clue.

Foreign adoptions by Americans decline sharply

NEW YORK — The number of foreign children adopted by U.S. parents plunged by 18 percent last year to the lowest level since 1992, due in part to Russia’s ban on adoptions by Americans. Adoptions from South Korea and Ethiopia also dropped sharply.

No longer loyal to Scouts, boys join Trail Life

Trail Life is a new, Christian-based alternative to Boy Scouts of America that excludes gays.

China satellite image new focus for jetliner search

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — China said Saturday that its satellite spotted a large object floating in the same south Indian Ocean area that has become a focal point in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Lawyer: Egypt trial of 545 set for verdict

CAIRO — A defense lawyer in the trial in southern Egypt of more than 500 defendants accused of committing acts of violence in reaction to the ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi says the judge has declared he will issue a verdict after only two sessions.

Pope taps women, victims for sex abuse commission

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis named the initial members of a commission to advise him on sex abuse policy Saturday, signaling an openness to reach beyond church officials to plot the commission’s course and priorities: Half of the members are women, and one was assaulted by a priest as a child.

Russian forces storm Ukrainian air base in Crimea

BELBEK, Crimea — Russian forces used at least four armored vehicles to break into an air base here, seizing control of one of the last Ukrainian military outposts in Crimea.

Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation expands, turns 20

LOS ANGELES — Steven Spielberg isn’t planning on making any more Holocaust movies. The Oscar-winning director is leaving that to the Shoah Foundation.

KISS masks not enough to keep 4 teens from arrest

HACKENSACK, N.J. — Four Bergen County teenagers are facing the music after being arrested as the notorious KISS-masked vandals, according to authorities.

John Love, Bataan Death March survivor, dies at 91

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An Albuquerque retirement home says John E. Love, a Bataan Death March survivor who led a campaign to change the caption on a historic photo from The Associated Press, has died.