Bill would require transmission lines minimize farm impacts

Northeast Oregon farmers have spoken loud and clear against having Idaho Power’s proposed Boardman to Hemingway transmission line cut across their high-value irrigated land.

Annoying weed could hold promise as source for rubber

PULLMAN — Prickly lettuce, a common weed that has long vexed farmers, has potential as a new cash crop providing raw material for rubber production, according to Washington State University scientists.

Tiff arises over funding of Seattle buses during tunnel dig

With the Highway 99 tunnel project two years behind schedule, a top Republican lawmaker says he’ll resist a proposal to pay another $17 million to keep transit buses moving through the construction zone.

$93,000 raised for Richland florist who refused gay couple

RICHLAND — A Richland florist fined $1,000 for refusing to sell a same-sex couple wedding flowers and also facing a consumer-protection lawsuit filed by the state has netted more than $93,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.

WSU president key in getting medical school OK

SEATTLE — When Washington State University President Elson Floyd flew to Olympia this year with a proposal to create a new state-supported medical school in Spokane, there was no guarantee he could pull it off.

Column - City has many water sources — all finite

We all know that the Northwest is looking at drought conditions this year. Despite our very welcome recent rain, the snowpack, precipitation and stream flow have all been well below normal, and we’re wondering what it would be like to live in Walla, the city so dry they named it once.

Court: Public worker IDs not private during investigations

The Washington Supreme Court said Thursday that public employees don’t have a right to privacy about the fact that they’re being investigated.

28-year-old accused of arson in Albany high school fire

A 28-year-old man charged with setting fires that destroyed an Albany high school cafeteria and caused a propane-tank explosion at a nearby home was arraigned Thursday on arson counts.

State: No emails between auditor, employee who is old friend

The Washington State Auditor's Office said Thursday it hasn't turned up any emails or text messages between Auditor Troy Kelley, who is being investigated by federal agents, and an employee who is a longtime associate and a key figure in the scandal.

Judge: Washington must fix problem with jailing mentally ill

Saying the state of Washington is violating the constitutional rights of some of its most vulnerable citizens, a federal judge on Thursday issued a permanent injunction requiring the state to provide mentally ill people with competency evaluations and treatment within seven days of a state judge's order.

Senate OKs bill changing tax structure of marijuana law

The Senate has passed a bill that removes the excise tax on producers and processors of recreational marijuana and instead imposes the tax only on retail sales.

Senate approves lowering threshold for felony DUI

The Senate has unanimously passed a measure that would make it a felony charge to drive under the influence when the driver has three prior offenses within 10 years.

Senate debates dozens of amendments on state budget bill

The Senate worked into the early morning hours Friday debating dozens of amendments to a Republican-crafted budget bill, but a final vote on the plan won't happen until after the weekend, at the earliest.

Seattle begins to phase in $15 minimum wage

Seattle's new $15 minimum wage law began going into effect Wednesday, nearly a year after this pricey West Coast city was celebrated by activists as the first metropolis to push employers into providing higher wages.